Happy Sunday my little otters!

It is Charlotte again! You all were very excited about the DIY we realized during the Comptoir des Cotonniers Workshop (you will find the giveaway results at the end of the post, I know I am keeping a bit of suspense…) so we decided to show you a short summary of this lovely afternoon we spent with you.




This workshop was the occasion to welcome you for the first time in our new freshly redecorated Lemonade Studio and we were so proud! I was a little bit moved to see the girls very amazed entering our new office. We put the two big tables together and they just looked so small in the middle of this huge space and I was really wondering how we did before, in our previous studio to welcome you properly.




During this Comptoir des Cotonniers workshop, there were two DIYs sessions: the flowered Slash and a t-shirt customization with the same technique as for the military jacket. In order to cut these little elements, you had the chance to meet Michel, our cutting machine, which (who?) is a really precision expert! Check this video out!



I know you have been so many not to get your tickets for the workshops, we read all your messages and we are very sad about the situation. Do not worry, we are preparing many others and Wear Lemonade Workshops are coming very soon…
To participate, I advise you to sign up to the newsletter and you will be informed about the next tickets sale… Little geek tip to increase your chances to get a ticket, here is a solution: use your Ethernet cable to have a better and faster Internet connection!




Thank you Comptoir des Cotonniers, Audrey, Detox Delight for the delicious juices (W-2 before Lisa’s wedding so we decided to bet on light…), Nathan, Michel, and all of you for the good vibes and energy you send to us!

More pictures of the event on Facebook!

The winners are… Mims and the musical references, and L.A and the bus driver. Contact us at and send us your address!


Translated by Coralie Clair
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27 septembre, 2015