My little cats, 

Thank you for the thunderous welcome you made to the Workshop! We will talk about that real soon! I’m back to the Capitale! It was intense, mad, crazy so good and what have you. I am exhausted but it’s good exhaustion, the one that makes me happy. My brain is boiling, it has seen so many things, my creative batteries has been charged, for real. I realize that taking pictures of people, «street style» photography, really helps my inspiration, it makes me work on my timidity, I approach people to ask if I can take a picture of them and then I try to seise the detail that made me look at these people in te first place. I like doing that a lot, it’s a bit as if I was doing a character collection, I capture their look to make my inspiration and desire library... 




I advise you to do that if you’re in Paris during the next weeks (the parisian fashion week is approaching quickly), get out on the street, take your camera, you phone, you pola and dare approaching people, take pictures of them and create you little looks and details album... It increases your ideas, shakes up your creativity, larges the field of possibilities (that’s right!) try for real! I have tons of picture I spread through my mosaic here, but you’ll have a massive influx on the Gemey-Maybelline tumblr in the next few days!




Today I’m wearing a pair of pants, a silk shirt and a pair of socks by Joe Fresh, a NY revelation ! Shellys London derbies, an Asos piano handbag and my Galia love necklace.




This trip to New York allowed me to broaden my stylistic horizons and to discover american designers that didn’t ring a bell until now such as Bibhu Mohapatra, that really was an unexpected discovery, I didn’t expect anything, I could never remember the name, but once i was backstage, and during the show, I truly got smacked, it was beautiful, it was loaded but elegant, it was a successful mix between indian opulence and the perfect american line. From now on I’ll stop snubbing designers with exotic names, not to take the chance to miss out on precious gems.




On this video you can also see the J. Mendel fashion show, it is astonishing at first because it is a russian designer house specialized in fur established in Paris for more than 30 years and who finally found its customer base across the Atlantic, I love those kind of stories about fashion itinerants... This is my second to last post about the new york fashion week, I hope you liked them all, tomorrow you’ll watch a medley video with all the things I might have seen... And a little bonus with images from the Rachel Zoe and Ralph Lauren shows! Sweet kisses! And happy sunday! 



15 septembre, 2013