Little technical setback to post this article, when technology gives you a hard time whereas you’re ready! I loved sharing this fashion week with you, I had great feedback such as «The Fashion week usually leaves me cold but this year I had a great time!» THANK YOU all, thank you Gemey-Maybelline! My favorite word is back as you can see! Today I’m giving you a medley with some images you already saw and others, more exclusive as the Rachel Zoe fashion show or the Ralph Lauren’s, or myself playing bowling, only extremely thrilling things... 

I must talk about Rachel Zoe that I literally discovered this week, I really coming back from this trip a lot less stupid... And I really loved her collection, with a desire of suit-pants and washed silk safari jacket for next summer... And I have to admit I was delighted  by the black and white line, the big collars, the ties, the officer jackets of Ralph Lauren’s, me who loves his world. But I am reserved about his use of violent neon colors, sometimes even gaudy, the cut remains sublime but I am really not conveinced by this use of colors. However it is only my opinion, you can see by yourself.



Oh and by the way, I really want to make some DIY, I feel like it’s been ages, but next week you’re going to be very spoiled... In the meantime you still have a chance to win a ticket for the next workshop on Asos' facebook page... You can try to win on this page and the lucky draw will be on tomorrow at noon! Sweet kisses my birdies.

17 septembre, 2013