Hello hello my dearies, I hope you’re doing well and that you haven’t spent this weekend looking for last minute presents! Just a reminder, I told you about a helpful list of the best DIY Christmas gifts. But I digress. Today, I’m here to tell you about our latest workshop, our first with Ikea decor! If you’re familiar with us, you should be well aware of our love for the king of ready­to assemble furniture. Remember our DIY Lemonade stand? But let’s get straight to it! You can see all the pictures on Facebook!
While choosing what products to work with, we were limited to portable items. Even if you would have been thrilled to have a Billy bookshelf, I think that would have been a little bit difficult to take with you when the time came to leave. We therefore decided to do a DIY dish set offering customized plates, utensils, and cups thanks to a special ceramic paint. And as we have a soft spot right now for marble patterns and polka dots... We’ve splattered paint on ours to give it a mottled effect. Each of us then chose to personalize theirs with or without this technique. Their dishes, believe me, don’t lack creativity!
For the second DIY, we’ve chosen to make a tote bag as a quick intro to sewing using this amazing fabric from Ikea (5 fruits and vegetables a day, ya know!). Most of the participants had already sewn with a machine, but to sew a tote bag, it’s quite simple: straight, precise lines, going back to the basics never hurt! To finish our bags off we colored the patterns with fabric markers (I know you’re dying to know, we found them at Ponsart Textile, Filles du Calvaire subway station).
And for this workshop, we’ve decided to take a break from our usual snack and opted for a brunch instead. Thanks to Ikea we had spiced cookies, cranberry juice, Swedish salmon and other goodies. It was more than just great food, it was an opportunity to get to know you better and to take the time to chat while having a real break for a meal.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this workshop update, I know that many wanted to join but weren’t able to reserve a seat. We’re doing our best to have more more often, and I promise 2016 will be prosperous workshop­wise, with Wear Lemonade Workshops soon to come! Happy Sunday and see you next year (yes, I can’t help but say that every year)! A big thanks to the Ikea team and to Tania for this lovely video! Charlotte S.
Translated by Whitney Bolin. make-my-lemonade-do-it-yourself-workshop-ikea-11[:]
20 décembre, 2015