Happy friday my birdies ! 

Yes I know I am unforgivable it is friday already… And yes it is crazy how the day flies… And on top of it, and I know you know, but it’s dark outside at 4 in the afternoon so I have to shoot in the morning, but in the morning I write emails, I organize my day the house, the office, so it’s quite the rush… One more time I’d like a « organizer » + « timefreezer » microchip planted in my brain… That’d be so convenient if we could freeze time just to get the right light and if everything was as organized in my calendar as in my head! 

But I have great news! 2014 will be even crazier than 2013 (and yes it is possible) and my main goal is to stop being overwhelmed. It is mu number one resolution for 2014. I know it’s early to talk about resolution but I think it’s good to select your goals, well your goal… Define your desire and do everything to achieve it, no need to have 100 of them if you’re going to quit when February comes… Okay, back to our topic.




Gatsby! I made you a « Make my party like Gatsby » table for the weekend but in the meantime I’d like to show you the invitations and other stationery items I imagined for this party… that I am actually organizing for my friends for New Year’s Eve… Remember that every idea is valid for any party, a birthday, Christmas, a wedding… I’ll never say it enough but ADAPT!




Of course to me Gatsby had to be gold and black but feel free to print the invitations on silver paper. Because yes, that was the challenge of these home-made invitations: how to print a gold color with your home printer ? Well the answer is quite simple: you can’t. You can think of printing a yellow mustard color but you glittering/partying level drops down to -10. So I didn’t give up and I gave it some more thoughts and bingo, I know how to do it: I’m going to print it in black on golden paper (at this precise time I felt like I’d found the cure for hair loss).




But mark my word, not on any paper… I made some unsuccessful tests, the problem came from glossy paper, it wasn’t fantastic but a little shiny and gold however the main thing was that the ink would never dry. I let you imagine how complicated it was… I found this paper in A4 format, antique gold color. Or if you’re in Paris you can go to the printing house Magenta Color, 55 boulevard magenta, they have an awesome similar one.




I’ll leave you to it, have fun with the invitations and other templates to download here and for free… I used the « CORE CIRCUS » typography available to buy on the Myfonts website. To download the pages in black and white click HERE, THERE and THERE again. See you tomorrow my dears!



13 décembre, 2013