I’m back in store kitties ! 

It is quite weird because I find myself nervous about writing to you, as if during the past 2 weeks I forgot how do to it… So okay I’m not going to apologize or tell you for the hundredth time that my life is full and booked… And apologize for what ? For my « real life » and « real job » being completely insane ? No! You know that I’d like to be here more often. This blog is today more than never my escape, my playground. Lacking the time to experiment with you makes me sorry but I don’t apologize because I’m learning thousands of things on myself and my work lately, so you know… If I’m here today it’s because it’s working, things are set and I’m back with A LOT of fresh and sparkling contents… It starts today! New sections… the famous Newsletter, contests, a birthday, some love, DIY and new crazy Workshop sponsors!

Talking about Workshop, for the ones who weren’t lucky to come to the last one with Tara Jarmon, here is the little report…




First of all I’d like to thank the whole Tara Jarmon team for their more than warm welcome in their beautiful buildings… 




The program included the customization of a shirt with leather flowers and metallic flowers (that we   previously took from a necklace…). The making of a XXL rose-style knot with satin and gros-grain (DIY on the blog soon) to hang up to your Tara Jarmon skirt or to your headscarf… And as a bonus surprise Fred came as the icing on the bun to do the girls’ hair with their scarf… (it was so funny to see the girls blush, the power of this man…). While Fred was working on one girl’s head and the other ones waiting for their turn, we learned how to make origami flowers in two different ways, the rose you already know and another version.




A huge thank you to Tara Jarmon, Marlette, Vitaminwater, Fred, Léo Caramelo, Charlotte, Justine, and of course Tania. You can find all the pictures of the workshop on the Make My Lemonade Facebook page.

And as Mai says it perfectly in her article, I miss you, but I miss you well… See you tomorrow!




The next workshop will be in March, until then we will have another occasion to meet… Be patient.


08 février, 2014