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Today I am going to talk to you about Pierre Banchereau because we are in a soft and delicate mood. I often heard the sweet Lili talking about this amazing “Debeaulieu” florist.
Then, for the 10th anniversary of the Cafe Mode blog, (this date is one of the most important of 2015 to me) I could admire the wonderful floral compositions that we could find everywhere… Later on, I learnt that it was Debeaulieu’s work. When I interviewed the nice Fanny B. from Gemmyo, I felt in love with a floral composition I saw in a vase (by Debeaulieu of course). While preparing my wedding with Aurelie, (I talked to you about her here) she talked to me about Pierre, once again. Anyway, Debeaulieu is THE name everyone knows when it is about beautiful flowers.
I finally can reach Pierre, and I ask him if I can film in his boutique (in the 9th district of Paris). He accepts and I am so happy!!

I finally arrive in his boutique one morning completely soaked to the skin but you know sometimes in Paris it happens… I have never been that intimidated before. I really admire his work and capacity to create, sculpt, and innovate with flowers. I have the sensation that he does not use the usual codes of a classic florist because he composes his bouquets with his feelings. To me, Pierre is a painter, an embroiderer, a designer, and an artist that uses flowers. After spending one hour in his shop looking at all these wonderful colors, I went outside and the sun shone. It was a sign…

Pierre recently became a florist but it is like he always wanted to be one. Indeed, he is doing it for 4 years now. He was working in human resources before and wanted to do something new and innovative. Since then, he is creating amazing bouquets and flowers are a universal language: the one of the beautiful. He is always inventing unusual compositions and likes to use forgotten flowers.
His bouquets make me think about still life paintings from the 17th century with gorgeous colors!



  • “Decision-marking question”: Which event convinced you to go for the amazing and tumultuous entrepreneurship adventure?

For me, it was obvious. Once I took the decision about doing this job, I did not want to work for someone because I wanted to choose the flowers, my identity and my own way to present and mix them together, and so on…

  •  “Guidance counselor question”: Was the florist job obvious for me? Or did you choose to start the entrepreneurship adventure without knowing what you would do?

No it was not obvious. I was interested in many jobs. It was an important decision to make especially during crisis periods. I think I did the right things: meet professionals and schools, get information and then choose.




  • “Starting question”: What did you do after leaving your old job?

I went to the florists’ school of Paris in the 19th district. Then, I did some few months internships with 3 different florists. At the same time, I was working on my business plan and market research but also looking for a place.

  •  “Lifestyle question”: Then you opened your own boutique with you own universe, codes and rules. What inspired you the most?

I loved participating to everything. It was essential to me to think about everything with the different professionals. I was very excited when we signed for the shop because it started to look like something and the (good) stress increased!




  • “Detail question”: In your shop, there are a lot of objects and you always use some vintage colored ribbons in your bouquets… is the style as important as the content?

Of course it is. It is essential. I really want my compositions to be perfect!

  •  “Sky is the limit question”: Today in your boutique, a lot of people are coming and the phone is always ringing… how do you see your future?

Ahahaha… Some people may say that curiosity is a bad thing but I think it is a nice quality! Today, DEBEAULIEU is growing very fast and I think it is better to give it some time to enjoy and focus on its current activity! However, we have lots of ideas…




  • “Fundamental question”: Where do you find your inspiration?

I find it in fashion, design, my history and past, my friends, on vacation… I always need to feel the time!

  •  “Memories question”: What is your oldest memory concerning flowers?

I went to the florist when I was 5 for Mother’s Day with a small budget (around €5) and I was waiting for my change…




  • “Peter Pan question”: Which job did you want to do as a kid?

When I was younger I wanted to be architect or optician…

  •  “Survival question”: If you could only bring one flower with you on the moon, which one would it be?

A magnolia flower.




Debeaulieu, 30 rue Henry Monnier, 75009 Paris. I went there this morning and Pierre is currently preparing amazing Christmas crowns with flowers he left to dry all year long…

Pictures: Lemonade Studio and Raphael gianelli meriano.


Translated by Coralie Clair
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25 novembre, 2015