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Here is a new post in the “meet” section… with Fanny B!
Fanny, Fanny… Where to start? People often say that I always follow my instinct and that I am too emotional… Unfortunately, I do not really know how to do things differently, in my work or meetings! And this blog is a real source of meetings! One day, I took my courage in both hands and asked Fanny Boucher for an interview. At the beginning, we both were a bit shy but we finally met each other again and again. If I were 7, I would probably ask her if she would like to be my friend but I am currently 27 so it takes time. We finally got to know each other after few breakfasts and atelier visits. 




Anyway, I also met Fanny because I was looking for my wedding rings. I did not want them to be very expensive but I definitely wanted something different and beautiful. My friend Lili (who is also in the “meet” section) told me to go on Fanny’s website: Gemmyo. She said: “it is very nice and I am sure you will find something you like”. Gemmyo, this name was familiar to me but then I forgot about it. One day I saw the famous pink cat on advertising in the metro. It was the revelation, and I knew I would find something on this website.



I meet Fanny for her rings, but I really like Fanny, for her career, strength, ideas, words and kindness. She talks about patience better than anybody else… She told me her story with Gemmyo, the brand she founded with Charif Malek and Pauline. She is the creative heart of the brand. Gemmyo, for those who do not really know, is all about a jeweller and gemstones. On the website, we buy virtual jewelry that are produced in France. The jewel you receive is even more beautiful in real life than the one in your computer screen because you bought a 3D image! The brand has no gemstones stock, only fresh deliveries depending on the clients’ orders! You are now probably wondering, “How do we do for the sizes?” They automatically send you (and for free) a ring size chart so that you can know which size you have to order! Anyway, I am a huge fan and I am sure you will be able to see my wedding ring on the next DIYs! Moreover, some jewelry can be engraved…




  • - “Important question”: Can you tell us more about your career?

I did a preparatory class (hypokhâgne and khâgne) in a Parisian High School. I was not very happy there but I decided to continue my studies anyway! Three years later, and after spending two years studying German philosophy, I wanted to have a break and develop my senses. I travelled to India with some friends and I stayed there for 7 years. I discovered the gemstones world by chance after coming back from Kashmir by bus. I went to the Gem Palace, the legendary jeweller of Jaipur. I spent a winter working there and then I really did not want to leave: I was so happy. My job consisted in being “the eyes” of the creators who wanted to buy gemstones in India: I chose gemstones for them, prepared them and spent my days in the ateliers following the jewelry preparation. After few years, I started to draw my own pieces and I launched my brand: Honorine Jewels. I also studied gemology and four years ago I co-founded Gemmyo. At the beginning, I only took care of the stones but last year, my associates asked me to be the creative director. We did not have one and we wanted Gemmyo to have a soul.

  • - “Bridge question”: From philosophy to gemstones, is there only one step?

Yes! I say goodbye to the real to focus on the beautiful. It can definitely inspire my khâgne ex-classmates an irresistible dissertation: is looking for the beautiful can bring us to the real? Some philosophes and religious schools of thought think yes and so do I.




  • - “Analytic question”: Are the gemstones a kind of sparkling way out? If you were gone to Mongolia during this period of your life and that someone would ask you to breed sheep, would you become a virgin wool producer?

I often ask myself! If I were gone to Brazil, would I be working now in a pousada in Jericoacoara? It is an endless game and it would be even funnier with some Moscow mules. In reality, I am someone Cartesian but I have to admit something: before arriving to Jaipur, I knew I would stay there for a long time: a strange certitude that attracted me to this city as if it was written.

  • - “Guru question”: What inspire you the most in your life? What is your mantra?

The beautiful! It does not inspire me; it feeds me. If you disconnect the drip, I fade away.




  • - “Guidance counselor question”: If you had enough time to learn new things, what would you like to do?

I would like to have my driving license.

  • - “Sky is the limit question”: What is the craziest jewel you have ever made?

“Polki” oversized diamonds earrings that go to the shoulder and mix with hair: amazing! One of my Indian friends bought them.




  • - “Trick question”: What is the worst gift someone can offer you?

A solitaire ring.

  • - “Secret question”: What is the question you would like someone to ask you? (never asked before)

People ask me lots of questions. As I speak a lot because my job is a real passion for me, it is hard to imagine which question someone still can ask me.

  • - “Memories question”: What is your first jewel memory?

My mom’s golden necklace I used to play a lot with. The jeweller had to fix it all the time. 




  • - “Peter Pan question”: Which job did you want to do as a kid?

I had no idea. I really envy people who knew at an early age what they wanted to do because they could focus on it to succeed.

  • - “Survival question”: If you could bring one object with you on the Moon, what would it be?

The rocket keys?

  • - “Medium question”: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I will live between a big city and a pink house at a lakeside with my German husband, my blue eyes kids and my little ponies. I will draw jewelry in my super modern studio and I will go to India once a year to cut my gemstones. I will have 40s rings on each finger, an Ikat wallpapered bookcase and thanks to transplant I will have learnt Italian and Farsi. I will also tell my children about the time we were all addicted to something very retro now, called Instagram.

If you are not ready to buy jewelry on Internet yet, you can try Gemmyo’s jewelry in their showroom, for which we realized a huge wedding cake, remember!




As they are very nice at Gemmyo, they offer you the possibility to win the rose gold Ischia ring with little flowers. To participate, you just have to leave a comment bellow describing your dream ring! Show us your imagination! The winner will be announced on Monday at 10am in this post. 
The winner is Idoia.

Translated by Coralie Clair
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16 octobre, 2015