Happy Monday, darlings! Writing you here feels like a breath of fresh air! I have so many things to tell you! So much has happened over the last few days! The pop-up store’s opening is like a fresh start for me. Getting to meet you, see you wear the new collection, see you go on your way, carrying the flower tote bag. What a sight! I’ll tell you more about the boutique in my next article with lots of pictures! Today I’d like to show you pictures of the new collection that came out yesterday! By the way, I love all of these pictures so much, it was hard just to pick a few! Thank you, Laurence Revol, for capturing these moments! This article might get a little long, so sorry, but when it’s good, you’ve got to make it last... I’ll post the article I wrote for the Daily Lemonade that’s in all of your orders, and I’ll tell you more about the news below in the collection’s video!

Laurence is wearing the Dita dress and the Dalida scarf. Louise is wearing the Thalula Kimono in white bloom.

Midnight Bloom, new chapter! Every time we come out with a new collection, I feel like it’s better than the last... I guess that’s a good sign! This time we wanted to go big! This collection has an important pattern: flowers. I didn’t want it to be too girly, I wanted it to be badass! Just think of a girl wearing a lace dress, with lots of tattoos on her arms, ready to take on the world without thinking of what others think, and who knows how to surround herself with good friends and love.


Laure is wearing the Sacha sweatshirt, embroidered like a tattooed arm. Lydie is wearing the white bloom Dita. Sarah is wearing the surprise shirt and the Julietta pants in white. Louise is wearing the Simona shirt with the removable lavallière in white bloom and the Pavone Julietta pants.

For me, it’s a little like I imagine femininity: full of contradictions, miles away from glossy paper and society’s fixed ideas. This woman can do whatever she wants and she doesn’t need anyone’s approval to get it done! You might think it’s a controversial subject... but things are changing. I think this generation of woman is thirsty for change, wants to break the mold and create a new kind of feminism. We’ve thought a lot about feminism at the Lemonade Studio and agreed that a woman is many things. Her description isn’t limited, she learns from each of life’s experiences and most of all, she makes up her own rules.


Louise is wearing the Simona shirt and the white Polka sweatshirt. Lydia is wearing the Simona nude colored shirt and the Pavone Julietta pants. Sarah is wearing white Julietta pants with a black cross-over body suit and the Pavone Thelma cape. Laurence is wearing the Dita dress and the black bloom Thalula kimono.

It’s rather ambitious to tell you all of this but this was how I wanted to handle this collection. This isn’t just another flower pattern, it’s a manifest to femininity... because a flower doesn’t have to be fragile and romantic... This pattern is a window to my current state of mind... I created it and recreated it since I was not 100% sure about it. One night, I woke up, anxious. Things weren’t okay, the flowers were tormenting me. I decided to go another direction, away from fragility and the ephemeral aspect of flowers and I was inspired by the outlines of tattoos for this pattern.

Louise is wearing the Simona blouse with a removable white bloom lavallière and Pavone Julietta pants. Lydie is wearing the white bloom Dita dress. Sarah is wearing the surprise shirt and white Julietta pants.

Peonies, dahlias, and other anemones kept me up all night until I was happy with and proud of myself, and I wanted to wear them! As for all of this collection’s clothes, I wanted comfortable pieces for every silhouette, while staying very feminine.


Louise is wearing a surprise coat and Julietta pants that didn’t last long on the website since you loved them so much. Sarah is wearing the Pavone Thelma cape and the white corduroy Julietta pants. Laurence is wearing the black velvet Dita dress and the anthracite grey Thelma cape, that has huge warm pockets!

For this new collection, we wanted to do things differently. You can shop the entire collection right away. New pieces are on their way, like shiny, floral stationery, zip-up pouches and most important of all, bed linens. (Yes, you read that right, BED LINENS!) And our wall paper... and at the end of the month of November, the Princess Tam Tam collection will also be available on our website! If you see clothing on this shoot that isn’t on the e-shop, it’s probably because they’re pieces form our collaboration with Princesse... As for you sewing fans out there, don’t worry. There’ll still be a monthly PDF to keep your 10 fingers busy! The first pattern will be the Julietta pants that you loved. It’ll be available in a few days or so, as well as the Thelma cape pattern and the beautiful Simona blouse... We’ll keep you posted.
Keep in mind that I heard you and listened — 2017 is going to be crazy busy! Hugs and kisses, check out the Midnight Bloom collection on www.wearlemonade.com Thank you, Elephant Paname, for welcoming us into your amazing place for this shoot. Thank you Louise, Sarah, Laurence, and Lydie for being this collection’s beautiful ambassadors. Thank you to Deliveroo for going along with us at the Lemonade Shop and for delivering delicious meals to the co-working space! Thank you to Asos for the shoes! Thanks to Julie Perrot for her help! Thank you to Stéphane Delahaye and Laurence Mastraello for beautifying the lemonade girlz. Thank you Anne, for your help and support. Thanks to the entire Lemonade Studio team for making this possible. Translated by Whitney Bolin
10 octobre, 2016