MY friends the sequins[:]



Happy Sunday my butter-biscuits, 

A very easy DIY today but that is always a success, and rare thing, I literally want to make it on every of my dull sweatshirts in order to give them some new energy…

When I say it is « always a success » that is because I wore it several times and every time somebody says something nice about it. I even got the « Wouah (optional), who made this awesome sweatshirt? » Yeah, nothing less, and it came from my hard-to-impress boyfriend.

This DIY is from the first workshop with ASOS, it was very successful, I loved seeing the girls stupefied with the fact that embroidery was so easy… Like when you take the training wheels off of your bike… This is it, you are embroidering!

So yes this week you had two DIYs… Well, I have a good new, so is next week… One of them will be a little harder, the new creation of the lemonade studio (in all simplicity). My chestnuts, it’s time for you to make something out of your 10 fingers for your Christmas presents… 

About this DIY: 

  • Cost about 10 euros (sweatshirt not included)
  • time about 1hour, make it 2h if you’re not very focused…
  • Difficulty « no need to be an expert »



 To make this DIY you will need:

  • a sweatshirt, here it comes from Asos, the material, neoprene, is awesome and the collar is sexy (which is an important plus when it comes to sweatshirt)…
  • large sequins with an off-center hole on the edge, 
  • classical small sequins with a centered hole, 
  • seed beads,
  • thread matching the color of the sweatshirt and a fine needle, and a pair of scissors.




Take every large sequins and fold them in half, the fold must be on the hole. So far so good… Don’t hesitate to choose at least 3 different colors. Here I chose black, white and silver but have fun mixing unlikely colors on a grey or black sweatshirt…




Then place your sequins on the sweatshirt around the collar, like a kind of necklace. To remember their location in case you want to give them a particular shape, take a picture with your phone.



Thread the fine needle, make a knot at the end of the thread, sew the inside of the sweatshirt toward the outside, I’d advise you to start embroidering from one side to the other shoulder. Start threading the first sequin onto your needle and sew again at the same place where your thread came out.




Keep going this way and don’t hesitate to put the sequins close from each other, it will give your sweatshirt a full and multiple touche which is very « couture ». Then embroider the small sequins, very easy: choose the location, sew the thread and needle to the outside, thread the sequin and a seed bead, then re-thread into the sequin’s hole, and sew again at the same place where your thread came out.




Don’t hesitate to add little sequin everywhere and quite away from your collar, as if the necklace was broken and had lost its beads everywhere around. I’m all metaphor today…




To finish your embroideries you’ll make little double knots of course. And don’t wait to be short in thread to make the knots! And TA-DA! Have fun!




I’m wearing an Americain Apparel hat, customized with a piece of veil from Moline, you can find many DIYs on the web to help you make it. The famous Asos neoprene sweatshirt, a Scott perfecto available on UncleJean. And a Nailmatic nail polish « KURT ». Here you go, you know everything!


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