My Wolves of the wood,

I know I’m committing a sin by twisting from our theme Week but I have a BREAKING NEWS for you: the launch of a perfume, of MY perfume SEE BY CHLOÉ... A few months ago my friend Nardijisse B. and I were invited to the word premiere launch (almost..) of the new perfume See by... And not only it was an amazing event with a gorgeous scenography and a very well done flip book workshop, I also got to come home with a perfume, my perfume. And you have to know that when it comes to perfume, I really am a difficult person, like capital D difficult... I think I might have worn the same perfume for at least 10 years (Innocent, Thierry Mugler) and it ended up feeling normal to me, a smell of my everyday life, like the smell of hot tea or of a toasted slice of bread... There was the smell of Innocent...




It is really complicated to write about a perfume but I’m gonna try. To me this fragrance smells like freshness, at first it fizzes, a bit like green apple and then it dissipates and it smells like vanilla! And at the end stays a feeling of fresh and clean, like after a good shower... It is a perfume that feels good and makes me want Spring to come even more... It makes me want to go out wearing a leather jacket and my underwear like the girl in the ad... Spring you know ! 




So if today I’m mentioning See by, it’s because the brand launches an app on their website that allows to create mini movies... And I know you like this kind of tips because I just answered some questions about me (the more regular and the less intrusive ones) and one of the most asked question is how do I do my little GIFs... So until I do a photoshop DIY, I offer you to try this app for yourself and to make you win some perfumes at the same time...

 How?! Well, you’ll have to 

do a little work... Dare me on twitter to do anything like «@makemylemonade would you dare to go out wearing a leather jacket and your underwear? #seebychloéfragrance». The contest is open in the comments!

I will choose 3 dares, the most relevant ones (understand the funniest and craziest ones) and I will make 3 mini films with the much talked about app on next sunday (the 10th) to announce the results... Have fun !

With love, Lisa.

26 février, 2013