My birdies, 

I’m not there lately but it’s for a good cause! I read a comment saying « If you’re not here since last week it’s because you’re making something crazy… » Well yes and no. « No » because if I’m not here much it’s because, as I was saying, I’m getting a head start my puppies! A head start as in 2014 begins in February, just to have the time to set things up, to take my marks and so on… And « Yes » because it is going to be crazy, it will be nice to be unworried, to take the time to enjoy, to write to you, to tell you a million things, to set up beautiful projects… 2014 HERE WE GO!




In the meantime I’m gently starting to « blog » again this week because some nice things are ready! Today I’m giving you my little artworks made for my business greeting cards…


sans titre-4


4 cards that I made entirely with paper, I surprised myself when I couldn’t let go on my calculation, my paper samples, my cutter and my new MACHINE! Ahahah demoniac laugh! I bought a revolution. Yes, just that, this machine is a Silhouette Cameo. It’s kind of a printer but it cuts, a bit like in the Chanel et Milk video except that it is a family-size one. 


sans titre-3


I let you imagine how hysterical I was when I received it… The excitement went down quite quickly when it came to the using it part, if you know what I mean. But you know me, I don’t give up easily and with a little dedication everything went smoothly. I could have not sleep all night to « print » forms until dawn…


sans titre-12


I must say that you have to be very very at ease with Illustrator and not to have any trouble with solid geometry if you print templates to make 3D objects. Anyway I’m so excited, I wish you again a wonderful year!


sans titre-1


« Make My Lemonade » stamps made by les petites découpes, to see all the cards on a big scale rendez vous on my Pinterest.

20 janvier, 2014