My kittens!

First of all, you are mad, crazy, I’ve never had such a huge torrent of love and I have to say I wept with happiness, I laughed with love... Some sort of literary orgasm that lasted for 20 minutes... You assault me with love and I’m not exaggerating it... Thank you for you enthusiasm; your love and your words, I think I have the best reader on earth (the contest’s results are displayed at the end of the previous article!)




At 5:06 this morning my eyes were wide open and I was thinking this is it, we are today! Today is a big day! My little baby Make My Party gets out... I introduce it to the press and the bloggers in a place that I love. I’m preparing a «Daily Lemonade» post with lots of pictures hour by hour...For tomorrow (I need to catch my breathe and to (finally) rest tonight...) What ? You think I’m gonna wind you up with my book ? Well yes, get ready ‘cause I am! I held myself back sooo long that you’ll beg me to stop talking about it...

And today is a big day because Make My Lemonade got a makeover... A new design, new features... Let me explain a little, I wanted some change for a while, something simpler and cleaner... Because I want a neutral space to express lots of new things, colors, inspirations... One of my resolution is to keep posting classical articles cook, happy friday and Do It Yourself of course, but I’d like to show you beautiful inspiring pictures, to make you a daily lemonade from time to time where I’d bring you with me, hour by hour, on important days like photo shootings, crazy trips or the red carpet at Cannes...




And also a new design because I needed a space for the future buyers of Make My Party so they can download the templates of the DIYs! Because what I didn’t tell you is that you can find lots of things at the end of the book and among those things there are secret codes. Thus under the BOOK tab you can enter the code matching the chapters and templates and patterns will download themselves directly onto your computer...

Well things are not definite, irrevocable... The header I’m not sure... Maybe I’ll put the polka dots back because I don’t know if you’ve seen it but they’re gone (okay not completely gone... But don’t panic I’ll add some... I miss them too much!). The english version of the site!!!! Yes it’s coming for monday! And I’m also preparing a royal newsletter that’s coming really soon... And at the top of the website, next to the BOOK tab you can find a WORKSHOP tab... But what is it ? Well it’s a surprise but you should like it and don’t worry I’ll tell you more very soon !




I am only Love, always and ever... Enjoy the website and explore the different tabs, I’ve heard you... I’m sure the blog will be more beautiful every day and it surely makes me want to post a lot more often so I can distribute my daily dose of lemonade to you !




And since I’m very nice, I’m going to give you one more present! I look forward to hearing from you ! Etsy and I are organizing a craft night on monday to celebrate the launch of the book and since you’re particularly crazy, all the tickets were gone in like no time but I have 3 golden tickets with me, and I can have you win them... So leave me a comment with the DIY of your dreams and I’ll see what I can do... Lovelove!

13 juin, 2013