Hello my little chestnuts!

It has been a long time since I have called you my little chestnuts! I am just writing this post today to talk about the big change in our lives… Our own office, just for us! In the 40 square meters we had before, of course we had the whole sublease space but we did not have the entire office and we were in the entrance by the way… I have the feeling it was yesterday when I talked to you about our office and at the same time, if we count in Internet years, it seems so far! 

Actually, almost yesterday because it was in February… but life goes so fast, especially these last months with the dream team arrival and of course Wear Lemonade. It is all completely new for me, to be as many as we are! For 2 years, I was all by myself and now we are 5. I know I am often talking about that but it is a real revolution, the blog will celebrate its 4th anniversary next March and the more I look back, the more I cannot believe it. Thus, I only look forward. I smile, sitting in one of the new office corners and I feel like, close to the window, next to the heater, I will never be a bad student… As if the perspective of these 100 square meters gave me the right impulsion to do great things, and nothing seems impossible with all this space! It is like this office was a metaphor of what is really happening in my head, and right now, I can assure you that I am so excited because I have enough space for new dreams!

Obviously, I could not afford it before (lack of means and needs) but I think it was the right time for us. It is not dangerous; I would say it is ambitious!

We are currently renovating the office, and I really feel like a parent preparing her children’ room, each of us has her special space… There is also a big entrance that we painted last weekend with my love. A lemonade entrance to welcome all of you when you are coming for your orders, without seeing the chaos of the office… And I let you imagine the crazy workshops we can organize!

I see you all very soon. I have to take off the paint in my hair… Do not worry, more pictures are coming in the next days!

I send you big kisses!





Translated by Coralie Clair 

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16 août, 2015