My chestnuts! My birdies ! My little cats! My little butternuts ! 

A hundred times thank you for your words that were so cool and so true, it made me happy to read you day after day, and for your perfect e-mails ! THANK YOU so I’m back after a short break but a break nonetheless. Okay I didn’t get to be as lazing around as I’d want to but the dark rings under my eyes are less visible than they were ten days ago and I don’t want to cry the minute I receive an email anymore and that is totally a good sign… I can’t wait to read your reactions to this new design, this new start! In short I’m excited about my new resolutions, excited to learn how to say « no » and « stop », excited to take care of myself (yes I’m crazy). And also excited to be in charge of launching new beautiful projects, things that are so awesome that I can’t sleep at night (because I look forward to the next day to start not because I’m too stressed to sleep: huge difference!). I’d say that passion, or something like that, is back… As if I needed to leave to make a better return, to take stock of my wishes and to list my priorities, to make a clean sweep in my life. 



So I read the comments that ask for the « Lisa from the beginning ». Well I have bad news for you: I don’t know what you’re talking about, well I know but to me this blog is the place where I try and share things, I also work, and I think that obviously I’m not the same person than two years ago. The way I write, the topics I want to discuss here, the way I take pictures, all of theses have changed and that’s for the best. To me change, movement and knowing how to question yourself, that’s what really matters. So yes I want to be more spontaneous, to make things light-heartedly again and to get back to some carefreeness around here. DIY, looks, encounters… the BASICS! I sure want more weekly sharing! So I hope you’ll still be there and that our love story will start again because one more time, if I am where I am today, it is also a lot thanks to you! 

So I wanted some change and most importantly, I didn’t want to do it all myself… I did every last versions of the site myself, from the artistic direction (which I love, that’s not the problem) to the graphic design (which isn’t my job and I have no perspective about it), so much that when the site came out I couldn’t stand it anymore already. This time I made my little mood board and I threw some ideas around. I decided to trust my sweet Alexandra Bruel - I told you about her ici, but you’re going to see her more often around here! Alexandra made me some propositions and ideas went off, I re-worked the little goodies with paper: the bottle (that empties when you scroll down…), the little fan (which gives you any random article), the blind from the lemonade booth (which hangs at the top of your page) and so on ! So I’ll let you wander around this new design, ok the Workshop/Book/About isn’t completely finished but it will come soon with portraits of every contributors of the website. There are some small things to finish but the majority of the work is now done! And great news: the mobile version is now great, I’d even say maximized, after being a mess for a year you can now navigate on the mobile website without your eyes bleeding… So you can get your daily dose of lemonade even in the bus… 

So THANK YOU Alexandra, my sweet sweet love for your talent put in the service of make my lemonade… And most of all a mountain of THANK-YOUS to Julien from tendances de mode who masterfully developed it all while being very patient and watchful during every of my untimely calls which all started by « Okay wait I have an idea, what if… » Thanks ! 
Ps: Go have a look at the golden lemon in the comments below and at the paper map of the world in the Trip section! Je vous love fort ! 
Aleandra’s first mock-ups:



12 mai, 2014