It's madness my kittens ! 

Make my lemonade is exporting or I should say internationalizing, I am delighted to welcome Marilou, loulou, ma lou (all of them!) on this little website... Marilou, it’s kind of my sister actually... Really our lives run into each other and mix up, I won’t give you details because it’s none of your business but there was a time where people really thought we were sisters... I am so happy to know her and to introduce her here to you through her words, and that she’s part of the make my lemonade adventure... Anyway my point is that Loulou translated all the 2013 posts, yes yes and you know it wasn’t easy to translate all my stupid puns, my lousy nicknames and other savage technical terms... Well THANK YOU LOULOU 1 000 times, ONE THOUSAND TIMES EVEN... I invite you to spread the news, to disperse the information over the internets,the english-speaking readers are welcome and will now be able to savor a little lemonade of their own, with us ! 

 Crazy huh ?


26 juin, 2013