Hello my butter-biscuits, 

I have noticed a few times that you enjoyed it when I’m talking about my work, I really wanted to show you this project. It was during last June for the publication of the Milk magazine summer edition, I liked working on this series so much that I was stamping on showing it to you, I was just waiting for the right time and I thing this week is the perfect excuse... So we are here talking about the job of a set designer that consists of, as I was telling you in this other article, dealing with all the setting and everything that is around the product to highlight it. Soo interesting, from the window to the merchandising or the fashion series. Today I’m showing you a little aspect of my job, let go and loose yourself within the colorful and flowery - of course - excitation of this series. 




Artistic direction: Isis Colombe Combréas, Photographs: Karel Balas, Design: Mélanie Hoeffner. Enjoy and find all the images on sur lisagachet.com 




09 octobre, 2013