Hello my kitties!

Another post about our castle office life, I warn you, I ate a clown… When I think about this post in which I introduced to you our huge office (thank you wide angle) we were 2 and a half working there at that time: Charlotte and I everyday and Laure from time to time, and then things got complicated because we grew fast, you already know that, and today we are 5! Anyway, our nice office is now a bit too small. Moreover, you are more and more numerous to come at the office to pick up your Wear Lemonade orders! It is so cool to meet you but sometimes we can see your surprised faces when you discover the atomic naval battle that we use as office.

It is time for us to move, in order to welcome you in the best conditions and work properly… Meanwhile, we tidy up in the morning and evening, so the office is presentable between 9:30 and 10am and after 7:30pm… at best! So please, tonight, light a little candle, ask Ganesh a small favor, send us your best vibes so that we can find a new office quickly! Just for us, a big office, so that we can do crazy (and even more) things inside!




Today is a good day to talk to your about our daily life, and I will introduce to you a new tool that joined the team. After the incredible machine that cuts the paper that we have to show you, a new acolyte joined the studio: "S-P-R-O-U-T", yes Sprout… I can see you going, we say “SPRAAAAWWWT” OK? So what is it about? It is the new computer from HP, a marvel of technology and creation! Watch this out:



I have to confess that we are Apple fans and users and this super creative machine really intrigued us, and then, with the E-shop, we also needed a formation on a PC, thanks the post office (La Poste)… I do not hide you that we needed some time for the adaptation from the Apple to the Windows system, but I have to admit that it is quite intuitive and I almost forget about my terrible childhood memories on PCs.




By the way, of course HP could has found a better name but believe me, after the play on words, everyone found in Sprout a new ally:

I use it to make my DIY editing thanks to the objective that captures my hands with fixity and a uniform light.

  • Charlotte, in charge of the publications on Make My Lemonade but also queen of the piñatas uses it to create some gifts or other video editing but also to mix… (Sprout, beyond the capture, 3D scanner and other nice stuffs, also offers cool applications and we spend a lot of time playing, the Piano one is magic!).
  • Nardjisse, my business partner who is in charge of the development of Make My Lemonade and Wear Lemonade (also princess of the numbers) uses it to prepare the lovely Newsletters that we send to you, and we have to admit that between our small MacBook screens and Sprouts, there is no possible comparison, for accounting too but she does not like when I say so…
  • Laure, Wear Lemonade product manager, the chief of the patterns uses it to scan her patterns and prepare the gradation, once again she saves time because she can scan in A3 format… and then modify the gradation directly on the screen (which is tactile but she uses a stylus for more precisions).
  • And Coralie, in charge of the E-shop but also our translator, uses it daily to prepare your orders and send them to you as quick as possible. As I told you, the modules and widgets of the post office (La Poste) are developed for Windows… She recently became a kind of post office Guru, unbeatable on parcels and registered items…




To give you an example, on the tactile tablet, I can place some objects, create a little production, capture them thanks to the scanner, which is on the top of the computer and then, project the picture on the tablet and take the objects off. I take a sheet of paper, I deactivate the tactile tablet and I draw on a sheet of paper the picture projection. Once the drawing done, I can scan it and make some corrections, and then print it directly from my printer… Magic!




It is nice to talk to you about this wonderful object but it is also a huge budget. For this reason, with HP we decided to make you contribute in order to win a computer like this one! For this, I ask you to create a moodboard, a compilation of pictures, or a photo with all the objects that inspire you, have fun and you can post it on Instagram adding the #SproutbyHP and if you do not have Instagram you can post your creation in the comments of this Facebook post! The 100 first will win this tote bag and then we will choose by random a winner that will receive the revolutionary Sprout by HP (€2.500)! You have until July the 24th, let’s create!




Translated by Coralie Clair

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13 juillet, 2015