Hello Kittens ! 

I’m back ! And if I wasn’t there it was not by lack of will because I have like a thousand of ideas in my head and some topics I really want to talk to you about, but because I forced myself to a strong self-discipline in order to finish «Make my Party». So here is the preview  of my little baby, of my beauty, of the reason I don’t sleep at nights anymore... (well, of the cover!) It will be available around mid May and will contain 25 exclusive DIY about making a Party but also 10 recipes, patterns, templates and more surprises. But you can be sure I will talk about it when it comes. While we’re all waiting, I’ll make a DIY contest about jewelry for tomorrow, and a nice look for sunday... And to make it up to you I am making a special Week about Tutu... So we can celebrate our reunion !




22 mars, 2013