Hello darlings! This article has been on my mind for quite some time! I thought that what I loved about having my own brand was creating clothes I’ve always wanted to wear, creating a unique world, coming up with crazy photo shoots, seeing you own Wear Lemonade pieces, and recently, along with everything else, I’ve realized that I’ve also been having fun with the whole package experience! As you know, Wear Lemonade is only sold online, so since there isn’t an actual store to physically go to, I think it’s difficult to completely immerse yourself in our lemony world. So, when you order clothing or fabric, you’ll get little gifts that’ll switch up every trimester in your packages. Kind of like a surprise for every collection: this is the package experience! I often have to put on the breaks because if it was up to me, half of the price of shipping would go to gifts...
Early this year, we hired a logistics specialist. This is a company that ships for other companies and also may handle their inventory. Letting our products go to the south of France was a big step for me. We’ve considered it for a while now, since there are more and more orders every day, too many for the Lemonade Studio to handle. The time we spent getting the packages ready was time we weren’t spending of making new things. Thanks to the advice of our friends at Noo Underwear, we met up with the Burlat company.
We really hit it off. They’re the ones who now prepare your packages and take care of our products. I went to visit them last month and it was a neat trip. Fasten your seat belts everybody, we’re getting a nice stationery collection ready that’ll be out in a few days!
Going back to the package experience, your happiness is important to us and we’d like to thank you. When you order online, of course this isn’t news to you, but it can be unclear since you’re buying something based on a picture. When I order online, and I get it in the mail, it’s like buying myself a present since it’s all wrapped up and it’s a surprise to see if what I ordered meets my expectations! It’s important that you get a neat package, since if you’re taking a leap of faith and ordering something from us, this is my way of thanking you for trusting us... Since the new collection came out, we’ve collaborated with pros on the package experience, Moo.com. Together we came up with the idea to do something a little more special than simply printing the invoice on white paper. We added something nice to say to the back... Aside from an invoice in every order, you’ll find a postcard to thank you with a discount code for your first Moo order! I hope we can keep working together on future collections, since their products are
high quality. I had my cards made on their website and I’ve gotten so many compliments! Really, give them a try, you’ll be blown away by the quality of your order! Anyways, there’ll also be a tote bag in your package (that’ll soon change styles)... and our Daily Lemonade with a little, exclusive DIY inside and pictures of the collection. Plus, in celebration of Dita, the first 300 orders will get a little jar of melon scented Sephora cream! Anyways, I love my job. Sending hugs and kisses your way!
DSC01664Translated by Whitney Bolin[:]
08 août, 2016