Happy sunday my loves, 

I hope you’re going great, I’d like to take a moment to say thank you! Because yes, it’s been a long time… Thank you for your words, for your patience when I’m sometimes a little late, for your fidelity and for the tons of love you send me everyday… THANK YOU I’d like to be able to do more, to answer to everyone of your comment, to get my head out of your computer screen and kiss you on the cheeks whenever you say something sweet… In short send you as many positive ways as you do to me. I’m starting to install a little something that you should like, some sort of lemon « goodies » on every article to thank you and make us share more… Unbearable SUSPENSE I know, it is in the final phase and I don’t want to overstate it but I think it should be set in 10 days or so… 

Back to our topic… The first Gatsby 2.0 DIY featuring the Christmas spirit. Yes yes it is possible. To tell you how the story began, we need to go back to a few weeks ago: I was invited to the opening of a new brand of socks called « Pas chassé » (what an adorable name!). I don’t go to openings very often for a lot of reasons… But I was curious about this one because Mai made the video of their first collection’s look book and because « Pas chassé » moved in in the same office as lots of my friends… I go there, I watch Mai’s video, very cool as usual, and the Made in France socks collection, thought to be worn with shoes. I was really convinced because I love socks/shoes looks and their collection is really nice. I love discovering the excitement of the designers, their desires and their ideas. Coralie, one of the designers, says those words « jewel-socks ». Okay here I am trying to wrap my mind around it, I’m already picturing myself with strass necklaces around my ankles, charms that outline the button loop of an invisible T-bar sandal, I give up and stay stuck on « jewel-socks », « jewel-socks », « jewel-socks »… I come back home with my little pair of lurex socks, all happy about it… I got an idea for a DIY: party socks to wear right now and to put near your Christmas tree to amaze the bearded man who loves chimney. 

To make this DIY: 

- Cost: about 10 euros (socks not included, yeah that is the « downside » of pas chassé…)

- Time: about 1 hour, yes I’m sure

- Difficulty: « no need to be an expert » 




  • a pair of lurex socks
  • 6 large rectangle strass and a few strass with mounting to sew 
  • all kind of sequins (all available at your hardware store)
  • thread and needle, and some patience.




Start with sewing the large strass on the first sock. I advise you to start with the middle strass to help you well define the center of the sock. And it’s important not to sew this kind of strass hastily. Because they are « heavy » they must be fixed firmly.




Then place the bigger sequins all around your strass line, simply put them to define their future place and take a picture to immortalize it. It will serve as model.




And don’t forget the tip from one of the last DIY: to fold the sequins. I assure you it changes everything. Alternate and embroider with a hand-stitch. Because the hole is in the middle you have to make a big loop but I don’t find it bothering, I actually think that it’s quite graphic and fits with the 1920 theme quite well.




I found these crazy sequins at the hardware store, simply black circles and small silver squares, almost antique, perfect for our purpose. As in the previous step, embroider them onto the socks and alternate with other round sequins.




Finish with scattering a few strass randomly and fix them with the thread and needle and TA-DA!



And here is the gif that makes you blink!



15 décembre, 2013