Moving on from legal statuses to me in my underwear... to be honest, I’m a little bit freaked out to be sharing these pictures. But sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone, even if it’s just for a second! You probably already know, if you follow us on social media or if you live in a big city, or if you’re a big lingerie fan: we launched a collaboration for a collection with Princess Tam Tam! The news was out November 23. For me, collaborating with someone else is so much fun! Working with Jonak last year was like a breath of fresh air, and this year it’s Birchbox’s and Princesse Tam-Tam’s turn. It’s always fun when two brands get together. Besides the two styles coming together, it’s the moment for me to try something new. Different contributions, know-how, corporate culture and backgrounds! Besides all the new people we’ll be able to reach together, I see it as a creative chance to explore different product domains that I wouldn’t normally think about! I’m really proud of this collaboration, I feel like our brand identities are pretty close and related! Over a year ago, Princesse Tam-Tam got in touch with us to create a Christmas collection together. I think that in all Lemonade history, I’ve never been more excited. To tell you the truth, I went crazy, dancing all over the place, Larusso blaring in the office. When I started the blog, almost five years ago, I didn’t really know what I was getting into... a few months after starting, I saw bloggers that had been around for a while, a lot longer than me, collaborating with big brands. Crazy as I am, I started to make lists, lists of brands that I wanted to collaborate with, to design products with them. I’m talking about true creation from the technical manual to the product! I’ll tell you more about this indescribable feeling of when you get your first prototype.
Anyways, French ladies’ favorite little brand, Princesse Tam Tam, was on that dream list. I think that my breasts came in (very late) when I was about 15 years old. I would ask for lingerie on my birthday and for Christmas. I think that my mother was waiting for me to get through my training bra stage before investing in an underwear set. When I was 18, it was so embarrassing... let me set the stage: during the 2000s, it was all about the butt- thongs were all the rage in the lingerie business. Well, I got my lingerie set for Christmas. My mom, so cute, so happy, wanted to be nice and pick out a matching thong to go with the set. I’ll let you imagine everyone’s reaction: my father, my grandmother...
make-my-lemonade-panache-tamtam-lisa-4 Moving right along, for as long as I can remember, in locker rooms or with roommates, my friends and I went crazy every time someone was wearing Princesse Tam Tam lingerie. My best friend even gave me a Princesse Tam Tam set to celebrate one year of friendship. All this goes to say that I feel like we all have a connection to this brand.
So imagine how happy I was when it sank that this was really happening. I had the opportunity to work with such a cool team... we had so much fun! It was only supposed to be four products in the beginning. But in the end, it was impossible to decide so we designed a true Christmas collection! Oh yeah, we were originally supposed to come up with a holiday print... but for me, trees and other Christmas sweaters were a no go. Quickly, our polka dots, mixed with other prints (mixing patterns is my thing) seemed to be the best idea. They’re not especially Christmas-y, but it’s more universal, everyone likes black and white. I hope this collaboration will finally cure me of my addiction to polka dots! It was such a great experience to work with an amazing brand like this one! I still can’t believe it that Princesse Tam Tam worked with us: a little brand, barely a year and a half old! Well yeah, we’ve been sharing stories and building our brand for a little longer than that, but still. I’m writing you from Cloud Nine today. I only have good memories of this collection! I met marvelous people and I hope that our adventure together will continue!
To make the fun last longer and since it’s Christmas time, I wanted to spoil everyone. I’d like for you to win the collection:
  • The pyjama top
  • The polka-dotted pyjama bottom
  • The plaid pyjama bottom
  • The polka-dotted triangle bra
  • The plaid panties
  • The polka-dotted sweatshirt
  • And the jacket with pins!
To enter the chances to win this big part of the Love is All Princesse Tam Tam x Wear Lemonade collection, just leave me a comment under this article with a lingerie anecdote related to the brand! I’ll draw the winner at random this Wednesday at noon and the results will be announced at the end of this post via an edit! Hugs and kisses, can’t wait to read what you have to say!

Thank you to Raphaelle and Laurence! Thanks to Julia for everything! Thank you to Audrey and Norah for their support! Thank you to France and Anthony for their patience! Thank you to all the other people behind this lovely brand! Photos by Olitax at the darling Hotel Panache!


  1. Congratulations to Caroline M for winning the contest! Write us at hello@makemylemonade so that we can give you further instructions!

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