My little chestnuts ! 

Or should I say my little koala bears… For the ones who aren’t following me on Instagram I’ve been in Australia lately… But I come back to it later… First of all thank you for your remarkable comments on my previous article, you are awesome and I’m really glad to « have » you… thank you! Today it’s DIY, yes I wanted to offer you an « easy » one after the milk bags DIY from last week that I don’t find that hard but I admit, takes a long time to make. 

This DIY is a sort of XL « flower knot », I made it for my book Make My Party (in the miniature version) but I offered it to the last Tara Jarmon workshop delightful participants, I thought that the brooch to wear in a scarf like a flower was good option to jewelry. Ever since my hair are short I’ve been trying to put all into feminine attributes: lipstick, heels, earrings (not all at the same time though) otherwise I can quickly look like a little boy or Justin Bieber on his bad hair days… And since the revival of earrings in my life I had a small infection related mishap and I find myself wobbly with an out-of-order ear (sorry I’m just telling you about my life). So wanting to find the time to go to an ear piercer, the headband with a large brooch is my salvation and a new way to have fun dressing up like a girl… There is no problem: only solutions.



Cost: 10€ max, don’t hesitate to play with the width of the ribbons. 

Time: 30 minutes, perfect if you have nothing to wear, it gives a twist to any jacket.

Difficulty: facile, simplissimo, finger in the nose


To make this DIY you will need: 

  • 2 m of satin ribbon (2 cm or 2,5 cm wide)
  • 2 m of color-coordinated gros-grain (2 cm or 2,5 cm wide), if you’re in a rush you can even find double ribbons with one gros-grain side and one satin side at Shindo. 
  • color-coordinated thread
  • a needle
  • scissors
  • pins
  • a brooch base to sew (available at Fil 2000)



Before you start, cut the following pieces into the satin and the gros-grain:

  • 1 piece of 11 cm
  • 3 pieces of 25,5 cm
  • 3 pieces of 34 cm 

Pin the gros-grain and the satin on one-another and with your machine sew them together. Sew pin tucks lengthwise a few millimeters away from the right edge and do the same on the left side.




Once your ribbons are assembled, iron them to flatten them and it will make the sewing work perfect and facilitate the folding.




Start with the 25,5-cm ribbons, take one in the side you want (either the gros-grain inside or outside) and make a loop a bit like the AIDS sign. Do the same with the other end of the ribbon in order to make an « eight », then pin it.




Do the same steps with the other two 25,5-cm pieces and the 34-cm ones. Then for the smallest one, roll the piece into your fingers in roder to make a ring and pin it (here the satin side is on the outside but you can invert with the gros-grain if you like it better…)



You can now fix all of your « eights » by making small hand-stitches on every side of the center of your loops.




Start placing all the middle « eights » on top of each other in staggered row, sew a few hand-stitches to assemble this first part.



Don’t forget the 11-cm ring and fix it by sewing a stitch on each side of the ribbon width. Put it at the heart of your « flower/star ».




Start the previous steps with the larger « eights » with one exception: for the last large « eight », the junction point of its ends must be inside the « eight » so the verso of your brooch will be flawless and you can then sew the brooch base there.


Put every « flower/star » into the other. Don’t forget the final ring.




With the thread and needle fix both of your « flower/start » and the ring altogether. I advise you to hold very tight all the parts of the brooch and to put the needle at the center of each part, do it several time to fix it firmly.



Don’t forget to keep the length of your thread in order to make the ultimate step: fix the brooch base ! And TA-DA !





I’m wearing a Zara skirt from last summer, a old collection top from Asos and a Tara Jarmon scarf.


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