Happy monday my littles kitties, 

Today, I wanted to have a little pre-holiday special week with a salad theme week… You know I’m capable of making a flowery theme week in the middle of autumn so a special « detox » and salad week in the middle of December is no big deal! « Detox » with quotation marks because the following recipes will not always be light but at least I hope they will make you want to eat well, to take care of yourselves and to quit frozen pizzas… 

So why this theme… Well because I love eating salads but when it comes to imagining them, there is nobody… I often mix together everything that is in my fridge, like some sort of salad free style artist. But there is always something missing or too much of it, I have to admit I’m not good at imagining a salad… But I don’t admit complete defeat though, it’ll come around, and I already learned a lot during these past weeks…

The fact remains that I wanted to set this special week a long time ago but it took a long time to make it because, yes you’ll have guests every day this week, some friends I love, people I had a crush on, other who are passionate , they will all give you their own vision of the winter salad…

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Justine B., the first of « the good people » on the blog,  remember? Well I will leave you together




  • Hi Justine, can you introduce yourself quickly ?

 Waiting to be retired and to spend my life wearing raining boots in the middle of my vegetable patch, I grow chives and mini peppers on my flat window side. I am more a dry sausage/red wine than a macaroon/champagne kind of girl, I hate the guy who decided there was to be only 3 meals a day and I have horror of mini macaronis.

  •  What is your first culinary « Madeleine de Proust » ?

Honey toast on a Viennese bread baguette with a layer of butter, to eat with a freshly squeezed orange juice with extra brown sugar.




  • You take care of yourself by eating well, when did it clicked for you ?

I think it never really clicked, good food really runs in my family. I have a grand-father that thought me to enjoy eating well and the importance of choosing the good products ever since I was little. (He also thought me that you NEVER cut the roquefort horizontally and I take this opportunity to spread the word to the largest number of people). 

  • What is your favorite ingredient, the one you put everywhere not even thinking about it ?

Olive oil, but not any kind! The one from a small greek producer that comes around twice a year. I buy it 10L at a time and if I could, I’d drink directly from the bottle.



  • What meal do you cook when you don’t feel so good (that also works for the day after a party…)?

Though question, typically it is the one out of two situations where I cannot resist the song of the siren of junk food… Oups! (sorry grandpa)

  • What is you detox tips before and/or after the holidays?

A raclette ? ha ha ha 




  • Today you work in advertisement with a devouring passion for treating people, when will you consider a career change ?

Somewhere in a parallel word, another version of myself is cooking, a chef’s hat glued onto her head. She doesn’t know it yet but some day, I’ll built a machine capable of opening the door to her word and I’ll still her place. (Demoniac laugh).




02 décembre, 2013