Happy Tuesday birdies, 

Today, Hervé comes to teach us a wrapped salad lesson… yes, yes. hervé is one of the creator of La Chambre des Oiseaux, 48 rue Bichart 75010… For the ones who are following me a little, it is in this place that I shot the second chapter of Make my party « the lovers brunch »… And since then I tested the brunch and a great number of soy tchai tea lattes with a delicious carrot cake… It is very close from my place and every time I get confused in my hut, I go there watch people, send emails and take a break. And I’m not the only one but I love going there early, just after the opening when everything is setting up… It’s a moment of grace, sort of, a moment of happiness where I feel like I have this place just for me. 

And, squatting the velvet chairs I met Hervé, he is such a kind and a sweet person, and he warmly welcomed me into his nano kitchen. I couldn’t believe it, every thing is made into like two square meters. Okay, you have my respects, I will never complain again about having a  Smoby©-like kitchen.

When I asked Hervé to imagine his winter salad, he made me a completely yummy wrap with a small green salad and a home-made Jerusalem artichoke soup of course… I want more! I leave you with Hervé, I’m gonna make some tea…




  • Hi Hervé, can you introduce yourself quickly ?

Quickly, it’s going to be hard… Cooking, I’m into it from an really age, or it might even be in my blood, my grand-father was a pastry chef and maybe it explains it… When I was a kid, my goal was to become the best cook of France… And while looking into it to I realized that « cooking contest » was really not for me. I like enjoying myself when I cook to treat other people, and it’s without all the stress you can have within hospitality, I want to be able to cook as if I was home. And also I had another passion, still in the artistic field, for decoration. I had a general training in an art school and in the course of time I specialized in graphic design but I quickly felt bored doing it. So a little while later, after some experiences in catering but also travels and encounters, I had an opportunity to do what I like the most, decorating and cooking with La Chambre des Oiseaux.

  • What is your first culinary « Madeleine de Proust » ?

I’m hesitating between the smell of a chocolate charlotte and corned beef hash, both cooked by myself. Because yeah, I always loved treating other people and especially my mother…




  • You take care of yourself by eating well, when did it clicked for you ?

First of all, it was during my teenage years as a matter of look, and I quickly realized that is had direct consequences on my health and my well-being in general… A real realization through food. 

  • What is your favorite ingredient, the one you put everywhere not even thinking about it ? 

Sugar! As well with lemon…




  • What meal do you cook when you don’t feel so good (that also works for the day after a party…)?

A ratatouille, or the famous corned beef hash it depends on the season.

  • What is you detox tips before and/or after the holidays?

Warm lemon juice, ideal for the hangover, and also a few essential oils here and there, it really perk you up, we tend to forget them but a few drops to inhale or to cook can change your day.




  • Today, you work half of your time at La Chambre des Oiseaux, what do you do the rest of the time ?

I work on several new restaurant projects, I have a ongoing work about renovating a country house  with a friend in 2014. But otherwise, lately I worked a lot on the setting of a new cocktails bar & restaurant « le Floyd », from the creators of the Pink Flamingo. And if you’re passing by the 17th district, go have a look at my latest construction work: le concept store Les cocottes en papier, 7 rue Fourcoy.



03 décembre, 2013