My little angels…

What a week! You realize that all my posts and guests are ready to reveal their awesome recipes… But I can’t find 20 minutes for myself to write to you… So I’ll work twice as hard during the weekend to end this week on a high note with amazing lunches and dinners! So you’ll be in great shape for the christmas presents home stretch. Keep going, find your pace and it will be fine…

Tonight we’re having dinner with Alison… Alison is my american friend, a lovely person very talented when it comes to brand communication, always with good advice and a hot shop in strategy. I love calling her just to hear her american accent and her infectious laugh… I see a bit of myself in her, she is hyperactive always juggling with a thousand projects… She is a girl that do good around herself and it looks like she likes it, by her words, her presence but especially by what she puts into our plates… 

A while ago, I discovered another side of her. I was going to the Dirty Dick to kiss my good friend Scott, and there was Alison who was treating everybody at the crowded bar (like a hundred people) with recipes each healthier than the last, in order to ease their conscience after all the cocktails… It was a Yelp private party… This girl is everywhere!




  • Hi Alison, can you introduce yourself quickly ?

I’m a fashion and art of living consultant, working for french and international brands. I just created SCOUT, a consulting company specialized in communication, marketing, research and management. 

  • Can you talk about your « super food » concept ? 

Paris Super Food is a pleasure project that started as a series of tasting around the idea of super food. It started naturally with preparation for my and my family. Then I started to make allergen-free deserts, raw and vegan recipes, I organized detoxes, a few catering (Yelp party) and lately some food advices in France and abroad. 




  • What is your first culinary « Madeline de Proust » ?

There are so many. Since I’m a kid, I’ve always been adventurous when it comes to tasting. I was 4 in a restaurant in Memphis when the waiter told me I had an « early palate ». 

  • You take care of yourself by eating well, when did it clicked for you ?

A parasite I got when in Barcelona, food allergies diagnosed about the same time and trips, especially in Greece where the food is so good - season, fresh and local products. 




  • What is your favorite ingredient, the one you put everywhere not even thinking about it ? 

Red pepper and olive oil. 

  • What meal do you cook when you don’t feel so good (that also works for the day after a party…)?

 Miso soup, fried rice with ginger, spices and vegetables or a good froutalia (sort of greek omelette filled with potatoes and zucchinis).



  • What is you detox tips before and/or after the holidays?

« Always excesses with moderation… ». Otherwise it’s a half Mediterranean half Japanese diet, low carb, proteins (low fat) and lots of greens. And never strict or trendy diets, it completely trouble my organism.

  • You are kind of a communication « swiss army knife » always looking for new unexpected recipes, is opening your restaurant with an awesome concept part of your future plan ?

Ha! Not at all for now. My schedule and my head are mainly filled with my research and my advice for SCOUT, plus some occasional catering. But I hope that a project around travelling and food will come true some day. 


fiche Alison

 The Kale, worshipped by the american women for its detox virtues, arrives in France… For more informations, go to this website the kale project.

Food pictures coming on Instagram @alisonbeckner & @parissuperfood #promiscuouspalate


06 décembre, 2013