Happy sunday night meerkats! And here is the last completely crazy recipe of the week from my friend Antonin… You met Antonin before, he and his mustache were in the last chapter of Make my party, souvenez-vous ?… We kept saying we had to make a recipe together because Antonin, in between its two hundred activities is also a cordon bleu… So I told him about my SALAD PROJECT and that he had « carte blanche ». 

One sunday I arrive at his apartment/workshop and Antonin makes me dream with its fruit salad light as a cloud and full of vitamins (it is true I didn’t mention what kind of salad I wanted…). I’m glad to end this week with him, he is like a culinary UFO but I think this salad looks like him after all, efficient, tasty and minimalist. Run look at his work, this young man has more than one talent and his last baby is « Passion », a beautiful very inspiring fanzine… 

Thank you to all the participants for their recipe, time and generosity! THANK YOU my friends!




  • Hi Antoine, can you introduce yourself quickly ?

I am a graphic designer. I came to image from graphisme, I am also sensitive to the object from a technical point of view but also from an aesthetic and a functional ones. Sometimes I happen to collaborate with a culinary workshop and otherwise, I ride a bike whether it is to go down the Charonne Street or to go to Biarritz sleeping in fields…  

  • Tell us about your Passion fanzine. 

Passion is a fanzine I created to make possible and public some projects that have been sitting in our desk drawers, hard-drives or twist and turns of the brain for too long. We are 5 people to work at it. The fanzine allows us to concretize desires, to go wrong, to progress in our own field. We end up producing a common object, an experimental support, result of our way of life. As am passionate with « handmade » I motivated my fellows to make the cover of a Passion issue ourselves by putting eyelets to close the Fanzine, or making handmade perfect binding… In order to make of every edition beautiful object to keep… And the lot for 300 numbered copies, s’il vous plait.




  • Let’s talk about your other passion, cooking (okay it was easy), what is your first culinary « Madeleine de Proust » ?

Unfortunately my brain is a little unpredictable, but one thing is certain, my first strikes were with sweet and sour and our traditionnel goat cheese/honey or a side such as onions cooked in wine and raspberries.  

  • You take care of yourself by eating well, when did it clicked for you ?

I like a body exuding sport and health. Food plays an essential role with all that. I wanna say « your body isn’t a bin, respect it ».




  • What is your favorite ingredient, the one you put everywhere not even thinking about it ?

Lemon/cinnamon/honey - okay that’s not one but you made a lame joke earlier so I’m excused ha ha ha ! 

  • What meal do you cook when you don’t feel so good, your comfy meal ?

My boulanger is quite sharp, he comes from Ladurée… I go and buy him some good bread, a tad of salted butter,  velvet jam and here I am.




  • What is you detox tips before and/or after the holidays?

A cup of warm water with lemon.

  • Antonin, your heart goes between graphisme, design and cooking… I’m not the best person to ask you to choose but if you had to restrict yourself to one passion, which one would it be?

I won’t cook for a living, I’d rather restrict it to share and conviviality. To me, graphisme and design appeal the same sensibilities as cooking but on different supports, and I express myself more in those fields. However I ask myself the same questions when I cool as when I create a page setting or an object: efficacy, functionality, aesthetics… No embellishment nor useless artifice. Going to the point. Nothing else, you’d say


fiche Antonin11  Retrouvez ici toutes les recettes de cette semaine à télécharger en format carte postale...

fiche jsutine

 ici pour la salade de l'amour: fiche Justine B.

fiche herve

Ici pour la salade wrapée: fiche Hervé L.

fiche Alison

Ici pour la salade de kale: fiche Alison B.


 Ici pour la salade "In Détox we trust": fiche Agathe A.

fiche Marine

Ici pour la salade "en une bouchée": fiche Marine C. et la fiche de la salade de l'espace ici: fiche Antonin D.

08 décembre, 2013