TA­DA! Excitement is in the air, like during each trimester, I’ll give it to you, but this time, it’s a little different! A little different because Friday the 29th marks one year since the Wear Lemonade adventure started. I can’t believe it, not one bit! It’s also different because Friday we’ll have a new e­shop! 2016, a year of digital changes for us! While creating this collection, the team has matured and we’ve put all we’ve got into it, our craziness and our hearts, so it’s a little bit emotional!
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Can you believe it? I’m talking about the fifth Wear Lemonade collection... these last 12 months went by at lightening speed, 12 months of little prayers in hopes that you like our collections, so that the website doesn’t crash, so that the post office doesn’t loose your orders, so that we can get the prototypes for the photo shoots on time... 12 months to get to know you better and listen to you (the “Mon Petit Chat” poll), to make mistakes we’ve learned from (coming out with short overalls in August while you’re already buying stockings), to jump with joy when sales take off (the adrenaline rush from positive feedback), racking our brains for ideas to surprise you (the shipping experience, packaging is my passion). And then 12 months to learn that nothing is impossible if we believe in it.
This year has been the most enriching of my life and I’m very proud to present to you a sneak peek of our latest collection, “Les baigneuses” (“The Bathers”). This collection is the fruit of real teamwork that keeps learning and having fun in mind while working!! We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from you on the website, we’ve watched your behavior as customers during the sales, read your emails asking for bigger pictures, more pictures, etc... It’s as if we’ve mixed it all up to give you the newwww.wearlemonade.com.There are two days left to shop the current collection because on Thursday the website will be put on stand by (psst, there are still a few sizes left)...
This collection is also the first time that we’ve collaborated with an illustrator for our print: Charlotte Molas, a petite lady, that I’ve known for a long time and who started illustrating only a few years ago. I was familiar with her work, but didn’t know she was the one behind her drawings! I find her style very poetic, a little vintage and modern all at the same time! I was thrilled when she agreed to collaborate with us to draw up an exclusive motif that gave its name to the collection: “Les baigneuses” (“The Bathers”)!
And what would bathers be without swimsuits? We decided to work with the best, the amazing ladies from Noo Underwear (Girl Power keeps us together). Elissa and Anaïs are the incredible entrepreneurs that created this lingerie and swimwear brand: fits, materials, and customer service that are way better than big brands. A friend got us in touch and we figured we could work well together! We’ve created two must­have really retro swimsuits! The URSULA is a frilly two piece (Andress, forget the little mermaid) and EVA is a one­piece with pockets (Green, still a James Bond girl!)... I’ll tell you more about them when they’re available for sale!
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And since we get the feeling that when you shop at Wear Lemonade, you’re looking for that little something extra special, so for the more ‘sensible’ pieces we finished them off with our little heart embroidery, which I think is starting to become our signature. And since I also think about pieces easy to wear for those days lacking inspiration, ANA was created, the sweatshirt dress that can be worn without hesitation, with a boat neck (no repeats) and a scoop back (not too deep, so your bra won’t show...).
On Friday you’ll get to see the CHIARA, last but not least, available in five different colors! We’ve been on the lookout for the perfect satin stitch, sweet and delicate with polka dots, the perfect white, without being transparent. It’s great for nice days out or really neat for a civil wedding! And for fans of the color blue, our light, washed denim will go with everything! Since it’s the time of year for weddings and prom, the Chiara would be perfect in a light, striped silk organza, that we had woven with our choices of colors in Italy and lined in Habotai silk to perfect your outfits for special occasions. I’m telling you, we’ve really focused on the details! Anyways, the Chiara will be available on Friday, with our ‘Mon petit chat’ (that’s already online, for those who just can’t wait) and even our little PEPITA shoes... Hugs and kisses, I’m crossing my fingers to the point of breaking, hoping you’ll like it!
I’d like to thank our readers/models that signed up to be the new faces of Wear Lemonade. It was a difficult choice and we were lucky to get together with Mélanie, Sarah, Juliette, Liate, Aude and Grace, our six lovely, bubbly ladies that wore wonderfully the pieces of the collection! Thank you! Thanks to Laurence Maestrello for the perfect makeup, to Lydiane at Poppy Pantone for the really natural hair do’s, thanks to Cils de Marie for Mélanie’s doll eyes. Thanks to Asos for loaning us the shoes. And of course thank you to Marins d’eau douce for coming along for the crazy ride! Photos by Laurence Revol and Vidéo by Olitax, music by Musicalist.fr Translated by Whitney Bolin
26 avril, 2016