My little kitties,

I hope you are doing well and that you have a huge list of things to do, see and celebrate for this weekend! I know, the universe is not really helping us with this bad weather but we keep smiling and try to do our best! I think my current leitmotiv is the word “beautiful”…always looking for nice things especially during dark moments… I never hesitate to start new beautiful projects as I talked to you about last week. Today, I am going to introduce to you the next little Wear Lemonade dress: Malia. 




Malia, more than being the name of my niece and President Obama’s daughter, is also your next winter friend. Yes! Let me introduce to you the sweet Malia! It is a velvet trapeze dress with a cream cotton flounce. I like this dress because it is so soft and has a lining so it is perfect for cold days. Its cut fits all the silhouettes, the shoulders are adjusted in order to have the perfect boat neckline that we love so much at the Lemonade Studio. There is a V-neck in the back to make it sexier. I can also tell you that the cream cotton flounce gives the dress a Pierrot look and I like it! Obviously, Malia has pockets because it is a good girl dress! The more I talk to you about it, the more I have the feeling it is going to be my winter bestfriend.




On Monday (the 23rd of November) at 10am, Malia is going to be available online and you will have the possibility to adopt the dress in a black or in a grey/stars version. The pattern will also be available the same day! Here I am wearing a size M and it is my usual size with fishnet stockings and Jonak flats! I send you big kisses and see you tomorrow!



Thank you Olitax for the pictures!


Translated by Coralie Clair
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20 novembre, 2015