Hello my little kitties!

On Wednesday the 9th at 11am, the blouse Leia is coming! Few months ago, I asked for your advice on Instagram about the pattern of this delicate blouse. At the studio, we could not decide between polka dots, classic white and black little stars. Many of you thought it was obvious to choose the stars due to the name of the blouse (Mom, in December, there is the new Star Wars opus, the Leia princess/stars, you know…). However, most of you agreed on the fact that the polka dots are now a basic: “Polka is the new black”… At the end, we decided not to choose so we did the 3 different versions in very limited editions!




On Wednesday, you will be able to watch the instruction video of Leia and the pattern will be also available on the website. You will see, Leia seems very simple but it is finally a bit more complex (still accessible do not worry). This month, we are going to teach you how to do tear-resistant slits, it is not insurmountable you will see but a bit tedious! I hope you will like Leia. I made some concessions regarding the Pierrot neckline so that everyone can wear it, at the office, with a blazer, high-waisted jeans, a leather jacket or a short skirt. We also took care of the finishing touches with nice French seams and covered small buttons. You will be able to find Leia in 3 different versions: cream, soft viscose with stars and black silk with white polka dots. Finger crossed! I hope Leia will be your must-have, a kind of white shirt in a lemony version! Until then, “Save The Date”, on Wednesday the 9th at 11am on Make My Lemonade and Wear Lemonade to adopt the pattern for €14.90 and the blouse for €79.




To end with an exclusivity, Leia (only the blouse), Malia, Rosa and Stella are going to be sold from Friday at our studio for our Christmas sale that will last 3 days. For the occasion, we transformed the office and installed the previous collections and prepared exclusivities and goodies for your presents!

The sale will take place at the studio: 80 rue du faubourg st denis, in Paris. It is the right time to find gift ideas for a small price. All the information (codes, floor, access) are accessible on the Facebook event!

  • - Friday from 1pm to 7pm
  • - Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 7pm

I cannot wait to see you! I think we are all a bit nervous to welcome you in the transformed studio! I send you big kisses!




Translated by Coralie Clair
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03 décembre, 2015