Hello my darlings! It’s been a crazy race against the clock, I can’t believe all the things we’ve gotten done in such a short amount of time! This Saturday, the new Wear Lemonade collection will be released and I think the Lemonade Studio never before been so proud and happy! I won’t give anything else away, I’ll tell you more about each item tomorrow, with a detailed behind the scenes ‘making­of’ and the official collection photos! I’m also here to tell you the news: January, Saturday 30th, the Wanda trench coat, the Polka sweatshirt and the silk Dalida scarf will be online at​ at 12 o’clock sharp! I’m stressed out like the night before the first day of school and I can’t wait to tell you about it tomorrow, the process, behind the scenes, and I can’t wait for Saturday to show off more of the Wanda trench coat! Hugs and kisses, save the date!
make-my-lemonade-do-it-yourself-diy-trench-wanda-wear-lemonade-save-the-date-1 Photography by Pauline Darley - Make Up Madmoiselle Mu Translated by Whitney Bolin[:]
28 janvier, 2016