My little cats, 

We continue the week with Ludovic, here is the story of this video... The both os us agreed on the fact that Ludovic would come to my house to do make me up, in order to change the set-up. But a little while before this meeting, during a party at the Wanderlust, he had made me up the craziest way, it was very pink, almost neon pink on the lower eyelid to the temples and the cheekbones, with a shu uemura cream blusher of course. I wanted to show you that... Anyway, the D day is there, a sunday, and you know how the sunday brunch is sacred to me... So I decide to invite my friends, like a normal sunday, and also Ludovic, we are having so much fun that we almost forget that we’re here to «work» and one thing leading to another, he made up the three of us (my Justines and I...) before the astonished eyes of our three men. Ludovic, with 4 gestures and 3 products, did us so much good ! It is rare when I wear so crazy false eyelashes on lord’s day... I will leave you to watch it, and remember those tips they might be useful later...



Merci encore Ludo! 

03 juillet, 2013