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“Hello, you are number 145 on the waiting list, you have to wait between 3 and 150 minutes…”

Hi everyone,

Today, I will talk to about a topic I really care about for a long time: issues, the smallest and the biggest of the entrepreneurship life. Since our last meetings, for the Christmas sale at the office or the doors open day, I thought about it and it came up that we are not really showing you the reality, our reality. You know, here and on Instagram, I only show you the best part of our lives, the best version of it, the best of our daily routine. I hope I can even inspire you sometimes, but above all, give you the desire to do…

For this reason, I often talk about entrepreneurship, that it is the best decision I took in my life, the craziest and most unconscious too. I am so lucky to be able to invent my job everyday. It is still true, and if I tell you all of this, it is also to focus on my daily victories, small moments of happiness that this independent life can offer me. However, in reality, I do not make paper objects all day long or fill plexiglas boxes in with confetti. Today I am lucky thanks to all the success you gave us, we are a whole team now but we still know “bad” days. And the issues are often not coming alone.

When we are entrepreneurs, there are some boring stuffs to deal with, depending on the status of your company, but also URSSAF, income taxes, VAT declaration, RSI… It is not Sunday everyday and even sometimes Sunday is not really looking like it should be. You see, when you are independent, all these things are daily issues.

Imagine you have this bulb you have to change every month. One day you go to the shop to buy one, and when you come back home, you realize you did not buy the right model that fits with your installation. So imagine, the issues the independent people are facing, are like bulbs you have to change when the light turns off.

Well, just to tell you that “shit happens” sometimes but you have to move on and continue to believe in your dreams. The only advice I can give you is to handle them when it happens and then focus on the fact that tomorrow is another day. And do not forget: “When live gives you lemons, make lemonade!”



Translated by Coralie Clair
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10 décembre, 2015