Hello everyone! Darlings, it’s finally here after months of working, waiting, testing, feedback, and excitement. Meet our latest project: the Starter Kit! It’s a box, a beautiful one, with a powder pink drawer, dotted with red and gold polka dots. In it, you’ll find the most beautiful tools to start sewing! To finally “start” or at least get a fresh start, with brand new, irresistible tools! My heart skipped a beat when I came across these miniature scissors that are perfect for embroidering! And the little embroidered heart patch... it made me want to start a new line of them! Check out our video made with love like the rest of the project! Anyways, the starter kit is the result of months of research and testing. It’s Wear Lemonade’s one year anniversary gift to you!
I can’t believe that it’ll soon be available to you too! It’s an awesome feeling to work on such a well­rounded, complete project. I wanted us to have something special that symbolises our world, that’s pretty and practical. As a child, I was sure that with a new backpack and pen, I’d be a better student than the previous year. Nice tools are part making a resolution stick! Like when you to go back to the gym, you buy a new, killer outfit... I wanted this started kit to inspire you to get back behind your sewing machines, to take on new projects and above all motivate you to Make. Because with these tools, we could rename it all as the ‘kickass sewing kit’!
In this magical box, you’ll find:
  • A pair of (heavy) fabric scissors, sturdy and just the right size
  • A small, adorable pair of embroidery scissors
  • A box of short pins, 15 grams worth!
  • Red dressmaker’s chalk, perfect for light and dark colored fabric
  • A clip, so you won’t loose the patterns you’ve cut­out
  • A set of needles, because you can never have enough
  • Gold thread, because everyone loves shiny things!
  • Masking tape for putting together your PDFs (yes, you read that right... #comingsoon) or to sew a swimsuit (oh yeah!)
  • A little embroidered heart patch to sew on any creation...
You can order the Started Kit in the eshop for 59 euros. And you can stop by the Lemonade Studio this afternoon to pick yours up!
  1. We have some more good news for you... we’re releasing the Wear Lemonade fabrics today! We’re testing out the sales of our own print motifs on cotton poplin, it’s high quality and so soft! There only are our Wear Lemonade motifs, available in limited quantities:
  • Our navy blue cherries, ‘Cherry Chérie’, on a powder pink background
  • Our navy blue eyelashes, ‘Crazy Eyes’, on an off white background!
  • Our poppy red polka ‘Dots’, on an off white background
We don’t sell the fabric by the centimeter but in 1m50 or 3m lengths. These are the two standard sizes we use to make all our clothes. 1m50 for small projects like shirts, pillows, etc... and 3m for all other dresses. 1m50 of fabric is 32 euros and 3m is 56 euros, a better deal. I know this is a lot of information for one post but today’s a big day for us! I hope you’ll like it! Let us know if you have any questions! I can’t wait to hear back from you! Hugs and kisses! Lisa
make-my-lemonade-tissus-18   Thank you to Meera for letting us use her lovely hands, to the Musicalist guys for the music, to my love, Thomas, for the heavenly special effects, and to Esther for loaning us her lovely ‘Valentine’ typewriter! If you would like to do some DIYs and have some time this weekend, please come see me on Printemps Maison Haussman’s 7th floor for three workshop sessions! You can sign up there starting at 2 PM! Translated by Whitney Bolin[:]
26 mai, 2016