This was my surprise ! To close the two In-the-Navy-Weeks I wanted to offer you some temporary tattoos for would-be sailors... I found a website who sells special sheet to make tattoos from your home printer, I planed on making this post a lot sooner but I crash-tested different kind of papers before finding the right one, I received two more thinking they were all the same more or less but don’t be mistaken this brand Silhouette America knows the business when it comes to transfer printing. Voilà I hope you’ll like these little tattoos, I show them to you in this post but you can download them HERE, already modified (with a small axial symmetry from photoshop (mirror effect)...)




I’m not going to teach you how to make a tattoo with a wet cloth (it doesn’t have to be polka-doted...) or a sponge (less photogenic). This paper is really good because after you print it you only have to put an adhesive sheet (included in the kit) on the printed one, it coats it with plastic and makes your tattoos more resistant... And of course you have to take it off before you wet the recto of the printed sheet otherwise it doesn’t work... It really is like the Malabar tattoos from our childhood... (sorry about my tired look I’m shaken by so many nice things lately, it happens!!)




Here is a DIY and some illustration at the same time, so you can do something while waiting for the big news! I hope you’ll like it and see you soon for the end of my Cannes adventures... 


TATOO planche1


The two small plates fit on a A4 sheet and yes I drew flowers because I had in mind Jean Paul Gaultier’s sailor... With flowers tattooed on his chest, aaaah le Mâle! 


TATOO planche2

08 juin, 2013