My little kitties!

I am back today with a new session of the best things we can find in my phone… This month, I would like to introduce to you the app you will not be able to live without… As you know, I am just back from Canada, and thanks to all of you and the Canada tourist office, I now have many nice addresses… Unfortunately, I only have one brain and two hands, so it was a bit complicated to remember every place you recommend us… At the beginning of the trip, I remembered Pauline Darley talking to me about a fabulous app called Mapstr, but I just say, “Map Street”.

What is this app about? It is crazy! It is a kind of Google Map in which you can register all your favorite addresses or those you would like to test. You can add any type of address: restaurants, shops, museums, doctors, friends’ addresses and you can also customize each section with a different tag and even enter some access codes (so practical)…




Few months ago when Pauline talked to me about this app, I contacted Sebastien, the creator, to ask him if it was possible to share good addresses with our friends and also with you my little kitties… I was not at that time but since then the app has been developed and I have the pleasure to tell you that all your recommendations and addresses we have tested during our Canadian trip are now available in the app, in my account. If you download it, you can add me as friend (I am registered under the name “Make My Lemonade”), enter the following code: 01230 and all the Canadian places are going to appear on the map! It is very easy to use and ergonomic. I am going to start pining during the next weeks my favorite places in Paris and of course the good DIY addresses.




All you have to know about this app: it is free! Only available on the Apple Store right now but the team is still developing the app for other mobile phones. While travelling, you can disconnect the 3G on your phone and still use the app and see the addresses (it is quite nice). However, in this situation, you cannot add new ones… I hope you will like this technological discovery. I have 2 or 3 other apps to show you (I am so connected…) and I come back tomorrow with a new DIY because I really missed that!

Translated by Coralie Clair

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18 août, 2015