Happy Monday my little kitties!

I hope you spent a nice weekend in your cozy home! I am back today with a section a love: the app of the month! I have to tell you that I have not been paid to tell you this and I wanted it you to know. The app is SIMONE. More than being the name of my beloved grandmother, this app allows you to order a manicure wherever you are. To sum up, Simone is the Uber of the nail polish. This app is not for the girls who love nail art and manager it but for those who are not really good at nail polish and want to have a nice manicure. I am really addicted to semi-permanent nail polish for 3 reasons:

  • - I do not have to wait the nail polish to dry for 1h30.
  • - I can create piñatas, fix my bike, and wash the dishes without cursing the whole cosmetic industry.
  • - I take my hands in pictures every 2 days for the DIYs and other sewing tutorials so I have to have clean nails.




I used to go to Parisian institutes and it costs around €40 for the manicure/care/semi-permanent nail polish package. These places are always crowded during lunchtime and they close early (7pm, when you are running your own company, believe me it is early). That is why it is a bit complicated for me to go there. Simone arrived and now I can order my manicure at the office during lunchtime or even until 9pm if I want, in Paris and the surrounding area: that is paradise! It seems simple but it is a real revolution in my nail polish addicted life and it is not more expensive than in institutes.




With Simone, you feel very comfortable, even if your flat/office/hotel room is a mess, it is not a problem for them. You can always sit at a table corner to get your nails done for 1h while drinking some tea, relaxing and watching your favorite series.

You can also do it with your friends… during a girls’ night or even for a wedding preparation with your bridesmaids. It is perfect! Anyway, I just love Simone and I wish them success and to open their services in all the French cities… The app is available on the Apple store but you can also contact them by email to book a manicure or to make a surprise to one of your friends! I send you big kisses and see you tomorrow for the December marathon!




Translated by Coralie Clair
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30 novembre, 2015