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Hello my little kitties!

I am back on the blog after few days offline because I am preparing you so many surprises for the months to come! Today’s post is really important to me. I got married few months ago, as you may know and I have tested and tested again some stuff that I wanted to try for a long time. I really enjoyed these little moments because even if this blog is offering me amazing opportunities, I do not often take care of myself. Here is a best of the 3 things I loved to do during the wedding preparation, because finally, is everything goes well, it should only happen once…so let’s enjoy it!




To start, I wanted to say that the smallest detail would always make the difference! I already talked to you about this on Instagram but for more than a year now I am wearing eyelashes that I changed every 6/8 weeks. I am literally addicted. Then, some of my friends tries and completely loved wearing them. Yes they are very long but people usually do not notice it and always think that I have been spoiled by the fairy mascara. It took my lover 6 months to realize… Moreover, I often cry while watching Grey’s Anatomy… so with these XL lashes, on the wedding day I did not look like a panda! I have tested various addresses but I often go back to Les cils de Marie because I am always well received and the quality of the extensions is amazing! You have to pay around €130 the first time and then €70 for the retouches.

Les cils de Marie
30 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth
75003 Paris




Another thing I wanted to do for a long time. When I am stressed, I eat. I am a real cookie monster and I can eat a cheeseburger with bacon and a milkshake as dessert for lunch and then have a snack a bit later if I am stressed. I did not really want to gain weight before I try my last wedding dress on… For this reason, I needed not to think about what to eat and cook. I already tried some juices diet but the idea to only eat liquid was not really nice. Then I saw that Detox Delight proposed 3 light meals and juices. Bingo! I lost 2 kgs, I had a flat belly and a nice skin in few days!

Detox Delight delivers everywhere in France and just opened a juice bar at the 130 Amelot Street in the 11th district of Paris to test all their recipes. Detox Botanical Diet from €68 a day.




My last crush is for the O’Kari Spa and I hope to go there again soon. It was so nice, I felt like a real princess. In the middle of Paris, it is a nice peaceful place. We open a door and in a small backyard we discover the entrance of the O’Kari Spa. You will need at least 2 hours if you want to go there because the sweet Karima, the host, is really taking care of you. At the end of the hammam/skin care/massage… they serve you the sweetest lemonade I have even drunk (and I drank a lot). Going there plus the detox delight diet… I had a perfect skin. You can also go there with your friends for a bachelorette party… I took the O’Kari Basic skin care (€150).

22 rue dussoubs
75002 Paris 

I send you big kisses! See you tomorrow!


Translated by Coralie Clair
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15 décembre, 2015