Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today we are going to talk about a sensitive topic: the wedding dress. The dress I wore for the second day was not white: she had sequins on it. I wanted to play the game because I have always dreamt of a siren dress, between Jessica Roger Rabbit and the Brigitte styles. Moreover, I always have confetti on my face or in my hair. I cannot explain, and it makes my love smiles. One day, while we were talking about the wedding, I told him that the guests could wear white outfits because I would not wear only white for the ceremony. I actually saw myself wearing a pearl grey dress with embroidered stars (Valentino style). He answered me: “You are not going to wear a sequined dress, are you?” What a good idea!! Then, I played on different shades of grey…




One day, in a shooting photo we organized (the pictures are going to be posted on the blog very soon), I wore a Tara Jarmon dress with pink sequins. It was incredible. I wore it and I did not want to take it off because she was perfect with its cut low in the back and its little belt. We immediately loved each other. It was this dress but in pink so I contacted them and I could get it: the Beyonce fan siren dress in light silver. Perfect!




I was also very lucky because Karuna Balloo is now creating wedding “headbands” and she gave me this amazing metal and silk flowered crown but also ear cuffs. I did not know if I would wear the ear cuffs or not but while dressing up, Fred convinced me… He was right because it was very nice!




This time, I did my make up. I wanted something very soft because the sequined dress, the glittered heels, the metal flowered crown and my hair extensions were enough (as you can see, I have no miracle secret for my hair, just a wonderful hairdresser).




Today, more than showing you the dress, I will also share a nice DIY as a bonus: how to realize your own wedding dress suit bag made in your family embroidered linen sheets. I have this sheet for many years and my mom always told me: “I give it to you but you cannot cut it”. Obviously, I really wanted to cut it. I knew she would not be mad at me if it were for the good cause: to make my wedding dresses suit bag…



Martin from Say Cheers took these pictures at the Bachaumont hotel!

For this DIY you need:

  • - an embroidered linen sheet
  • - scissors
  • - a sewing machine
  • - a hanger, a ruler and a pencil




To start, cut a rectangle: 15cm larger than your hanger but also longer than your dress. Then, cut 2 other rectangles as long as your dress and as large as the middle of your hanger +20cm… Hem (2 folds: you can find a reminder here) on all the length of the half rectangles (on one side) to prepare the opening of the suit bag.




Once the hems preformed, sew them thanks to a sewing machine. Put the big rectangle and the two “half rectangles” right sides together. Then pin the two bigger sides.




Also pin the bottom of the suit bag and for the top, preform a fold with the iron and just pin it. Sew the bottom of the suit bag with the sewing machine and you can put a zigzag stitch to be sure.




Take the hanger and place it on the top of the suit bag. Draw the hanger with the pencil and the ruler on the suit bag.




Pin on the pencil marks and sew with the sewing machine (normal stitch and then a zigzag one). Cut the surplus (1cm above the seams).




Turn the suit bag inside out and place your hanger inside.




Hide your dress inside and here we are! I send you big kisses!

Translated by Coralie Clair
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21 octobre, 2015