Ludovic Engrand. 

A few months ago, even a year ago actually, a friend introduced Ludovic and I by email. Ludovic works like crazy for the beautiful japanese brand shu uemura and whenever he takes a break from his busy schedule, he flies to some faraway places so it was really complicated to get a few hours with him. Inside me I knew I had to meet him but I didn’t really know why I should meet him, sometimes you jsut have to trust your instinct... So I insisted, he must have thought I was a crazy chick ready to do anything to get some shu uemura lipstick... 

Ludovic Engrand is a man of multiple talents, he would have been born a Gemini that I wouldn’t be surprised... Ludovic is officially a make-up artist, and in charge of press and public relations for shu uemura, and master chef when he is at home... He didn’t actually tell me but it seemed obvious after spending a few hours at his apartment and editing these pictures that he also is a collector, lover of beautiful things... 

For the record when I met him for the first time, not only he was wearing polka-doted pants but he told me he makes-up plates as well... How not to love him straightaway ?

I’m introducing him to you today but he will be with us all week, he opened his home to me but also his kitchen and his make-up case so he’ll have the place of honor this week, like a special guest that would make a recipe, a DIY, a make-up and of course a contest, yes with Ludovic I see things IN BIG...





  • «Proust’s Madeleine» question: What are your first gustatory memories ?

I was four and I remember a lunch with my uncle Jean Pierre very well. I was a starred restaurant «La table des cordeliers» in Codon and the chef Jean Louis Paladin greeted us on a sunny sunday with a memory that I will never forget: a brioche specially made with tomato butter ohohohhohohoh lala I’d want more... 


  • «Blue Klein» question: What are you first beauty memories, your first emotions about a vibrant color ?

In London when I was studying at the London College of Fashion, I’m applying red lipstick on lips for the first time, I still remember my brush crushing the pigment on the pretty lips, and to this day red is to me the symbol of ultra femininity.




  • «To choose is to forsake» question: Ludovic, if you had to choose only one passion between make-up and cooking, what would it be ? And why ?

 Ahh choices, it’s what I fear the most, I am a natural epicure, I love beauty, I love food art, it would be very complicated to choose, make-up and cooking are for me a way of expressing myself and make a choice would be like cutting one of my arms, and I’d rather keep them both ahahahahahahah


  • «Substitution» question: If you weren’t allowed to make-up or cook anymore, what would you do ?

 I’ve always dreamed of taking pictures so I’d be a food and beauty photographer !!!




  • «I ditch everything» question: Some people are thwarted left-hander, you were a thwarted cook, what are the consequences on your life today  ?

 I have no frustration, when I come back from a make-up photo shooting I cook. 


  • «Nostalgia» question: To stay on the childhood topic, what job would you have hated as a child ?

Computer engineer or administrator, they’re not funny ahahahahahah




  • «Pantone» question: what is your favorite lipstick color ?


  • «Learning» question: your were trained by Shu Uemura himself, what are the beauty commandments he whispered to you that never leaves you today ?

 The perfect gesture because usually when making-up, we tend to do to many gestures and if you think the gesture before applying the color, your make-up will be perfect. Gérard Garouste used to say «the thought doesn’t belong to artists, what belong to them is the gesture».




  • «Agenda» question: you just have a beautiful article in Express Style, what are your projects with shu uemura (shows ? Shoots?)

Lots of projects, it’s like my oxygen, couture’s shows are this week and I’ll be backtage on the great designer Yiqing Yin’s. Also some photo shooting projects but that’s a secret!


  • «Sunday night» question: When it’s sunday night and you don’t want to cook, what is your LAZY food ?

A homemade croque-monsieur !!!!

  • «Unconfessed» question: what is the never-asked question that you’d like to be asked ?

 «Do you believe in reincarnation?» Okay I’m gonna answer you Lisa !!! Because maybe in another life I’ll be a cook  ahahahah !! 



  • A beauty good address ?

 The tibetan massage, rue Lapeyrere 75018

  • A food good address ?

The KGB, my favorite restaurant, 25 rue des grands Augustins, 75006. The chef Ariv is awesooome ! 

  • A snack good address ?

BLEND’s burger, it rocks!

  • A shopping good address ? 

At MORA’s, it’s like Ali Baba’s cave but for cooks !!!!



01 juillet, 2013