Happy Sunday, everyone! Today I’d like to tell you about Laure, the lovely and kind Laure, that you may already know as the Pattern Queen! Laure joined us a year and a half ago, looking for a change in pace. She came into our chaotic office, Larusso blaring. We still listen to the red headed singer, but we’ve added to our playlist and workspace since then! I met Laure thanks to Patricia who should be in this column about good people, who works in one of my favorite spots in the capital: Sacré s Coupons. I confided to her that I wanted to make sewing patterns but I needed help designing, since I only knew the basics. Patricia told me that she knew of the perfect person: Laure! So we saw each other a few times over a couple of months. Laure started to make the patterns for Rita and Luisa during her free time, since she was working for different brands at the time... Then, all of a sudden, Wear Lemonade became a reality and Laure climbed aboard the yellow rocket! Today, Laure helps me with fashion design for the collections and designs all the patterns. She’s also taken charge of production since the beginning. We’ve had the pleasure of being helped by the amazing Maria, who eased Laure’s production workload, which in itself is a whole other job seeing the multiplying references from collection to collection. But I’ll tell you more about that profession another day! Laure is patient and perfectly precise. I love what a perfectionist she is and how eager she is to share what she knows. She’s an amazing teacher, I won’t even go into how much I’ve improved in sewing thanks to her, our little Franco­Korean jewel! As you can see, I’m thankful for our team of good people, who are all important and giving. I’ll soon introduce you to Simoné, our Photography Prince.
I’ll leave you with Laure, who’ll answer a few questions that I’ll sure you’ve been wondering about!
  • Guidance counselor question: Laure, tell us about your career...
Honestly, I’ve had a pretty chaotic career path. After getting a high school degree centered around economics and social studies (called a ‘bac ES’), I studied law for two years at Nanterre (where I passed all my exams)... but I didn’t love college. I couldn’t see myself spending the rest of my life commenting on arrests and having a law book as bedtime reading. So I went back to my first love: fashion design. I applied to ESMOD in Paris where I studied fashion design and pattern making for three years, specializing in menswear. Then, I did internship after internship as an assistant fashion designer, lots and lots of internships... I worked with lingerie (womens’ at DIM, Playboy, Wonderbra) and men's’ (BWGH, Marchand Drapier and Billtornade where I could’ve bumped into Charlotte since we were in the same building!), small designers... I continued my studies in Innovative Marketing where I met Patricia who led me here, to Make My Lemonade, to work on womens’ pattern making!
  • Illusion and Disillusion Question: Before going to school, what did you want to do? In the end, did you change your mind?
When I was little, I dreamt of being a fashion designer (among other things, but I wanted to do this most of all). I loved drawing and fabrics, touching, changing, looking inside clothes. And then at school you learn to do lots of things. When I learned about pattern making, everything clicked into place. Without this transition from 2D to 3D, clothes wouldn’t exist! For me, it’s like magic. All of a sudden you realize that with a simple paper pattern, you can make a dress. Because of this, I’m glad to have switched to the world of fashion. Although it sometimes may be a cruel one, beautiful things are made!
  • Current Day Question: You joined us a while ago, if you had to change something, what would it be?
Just to have a little more time to reply faster and more often to Wear Lemonade beginners... and to spend less time behind a computer and do more draping.
  • Sewing Question: What’s been your favorite Wear Lemonade piece to work on since the beginning?
Oh wow, that’s a hard one! I think that each collection is even better than the last. Well, I admit I have a soft spot for Chiara with its’ V darts that I had always wanted to do. Maria, the cropped jacket that’ll be available soon on the website and Ursula that I designed with Lisa and the girls from NOO. I love the details in vintage fashion that you don’t find nowadays and I love using some in our pieces.
  • Madeleine de Proust Question: What did you want to do when you were little?
Fashion design! I also wanted to be a volcanologist and travel all over the world, or to be a chef! I’ve loved cooking since I was a child and if I ever had to do something else, it would be in the restaurant or pastry­making industry.
  • Important Question: If you had to be reincarnated as a Spice Girl, who would you be?
Victoria Adams/Beckham... she was maddeningly perfect! And I’ve always liked her posh side.
  • Survival Question: If you had to bring only one thing on a desert island, what would it be?
A sketchbook and a pencil. I could doodle my escape plans, count the days, write my memoir... or maybe just draw the plants and animals!
  • Sharing Question: If you had to give one piece of advice to all young fashion designers and pattern makers, what would it be?
Simple advice: never give up. But also to remember that any experience is good experience, even if it’s not fun. A fashion designer or pattern maker that has never failed will never be good. You sometimes have to go with the first opportunity you come across, even if it seems far from your end goal. You never know what path it may lead you down.
make-my-lemonade-laure-la-team-bien-3Translated by Whitney Bolin[:]
19 juin, 2016