My little cats I’m back! 

This trip was SO crazy ! So I’m starting my week on a tuesday, I hope you won’t mind! And I’m launching a theme week devoted to the seventh art! With the Grand Budapest Hotel movie! For the ones who are following me a little I was lucky to be able to attend the preview of the movie a few weeks ago with Mr Wes Anderson himself in the room, I was like a child. His movies are definitely unclassifiable, to me he has a touch, a genius something that achieves to create a true universe every time, everything is right and thought through in every details… They aren’t fantastic movies like Tim Burton’s but really just fanciful and unique. And I love that his movies don’t just live inside dark rooms but keep existing through awesome collaborations, a magical website « the Republic of Zubrowka » in which you have to lose yourself, and so on… Okay I know it’s called promotion but when it’s as good and thought as it is, I also find it completely amazing. Thank you for my eyes and my little brain… I declare this special week open!




Find lots of pictures on my pinterest ! Je vous embrasse bien fort!

18 mars, 2014