Hello my little kitties!

Here is a special post today because I have an announcement to make! The Lolita dress pattern is coming next Friday on Wearlemonade! When I told you that I would get married in few months, most of you asked me to do a wedding dress DIY! I though it would be a great idea, especially because for this special occasion I wanted to draw the dress myself. I dreamed about a short dress but not too much because I am not a big fan of my knees and I was thinking of Catherine Deneuve’s dress in front of the Church. I wanted it be well fitted around the waist with three-quarter sleeves because I think it looks very nice. Moreover, the cherry on the meringue… with a super boat neckline that we are going to call the Titanic neckline.




Actually, we are going to celebrate our wedding three times, three different days so 3 different dresses! It makes sense, isn’t it? Thus, I wanted to show you the dress I am going to wear at the town hall. I did not make the dress in the fabric I want for the D-Day yet but since this white and yellow version came into my life, I have to admit that my plans changed a little bit because I think this one is funny and it fits better my personality… I had difficulty seeing myself in white and I have to thank Pauline Darley for being able to capture a sweet moment… The dresses have been made for a long time now and I tried them all many times at the office but about the white one… it was not my favorite at all. I always avoided the subject each time Laure asked me to try it on to see how it looked compared to the others… However, when I wore it during the photoshoot, I was moved to see myself in white, and it was the last dress we took in picture…




Anyway, so why “plan B”? I have to admit that I often go on wedding websites and I hear some friends talking about the newest designer who finds her lace in a small village in the North of France that costs the price of a car, for a dress that they only are going to wear once. What an occasion you would say! However, I clearly understand why girls want to put the price in a dress like this, because I kind of have the same problem with shoes… However, more than a price, there is also a hard work behind these dresses and I am not confortable with that. I know that you cannot have one without the other! For me, these designer dresses are Haute Couture and I am Sammy in Scooby-Doo. I am sure that I will stumble with my dress, rip the silk tulle and spill a glass of wine on me. Despite all the respect I have for the craftsmen and their know how, I am not able to wear a designer dress for my wedding. It is not that I do not want to but because firstly I cannot afford it and secondly even if I could, I know that my Gaston Lagaffe karma would never leave my dress alone that did not ask anything to anymore, or maybe except to be worn by Gwyneth Paltrow.




For this reason, I imagined a waxcloth wedding dress! Just kidding. I imagined the Lolita dress as your plan B dress because you are maybe not as clumsy as I am but your grand uncle Roger after drinking too much probably is. Moreover, when your bridesmaids and your mom are going to clean your dress with salt and Marseille soap, you will not have to wait your dress to dry and your Wear Lemonade plan B dress, created by yourself with love, your grandmother or a local tailor, will be ready for you.




Lolita can also be your plan A dress, I would be so honoured if it were the case! Or even the bridesmaids’ dress… Or the navy blue one can be the dress you are going to wear at the office next week… Save the date! Next Friday at 10am to adopt the Lolita pattern (only the pattern for this time)! We also have a super nice partner: Singer, that will offer you the chance to win a €849 sewing machine. How? In one of the 250 patterns, you will find a golden ticket!

I send you big kisses and see you all very soon!

I would like to thank again Pauline Darley for the pictures, Emilio and Cyrielle for the makeup and Louboutin for these love shoes!

Translated by Coralie Clair 

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01 juillet, 2015