A few weeks ago, the joyful spanish team from Bershka freshly arrived in Paris and spent 3 days visiting me... so I got to make them some Lemonade ! Their job was to make 4 short movies of myself giving some advices on blogging: «how to make a blog and find its identity», «how to update it», «how to find INSPIRATION» etc. Really a kind of survival guide to start your own blog in peace...

 I have to stay that it is not very easy for me to write this article because what it is really about is me, me and me again. And even though I write to you everyday or think about this blog all the time, in the end I only show you what I want to, and I don’t really go into things in any depth (It’s more about looks etc.). And despite that certain things are obvious to me such as the name of this blog, or the way I work, or even my inspirations, I often don’t know how to express them because they are simply rooted in me. Also I have been surrounded by superactive and supercreative people from all sorts of area of expertise so far therefore questions such as «where does your inspiration come from on this project?» or «how do you work your way when inspiration isn’t there?» or even «what is your deal with materials, why choose this one over another one ?» are just never asked. And that’s why when I am facing these questions I have to look for answers deep down in me because I don’t even ask them to myself, I simply do things and that’s it (well, I think a little bit in the process, it’s not like I am a machine or something)...

 Anyway, let’s get back to what we where saying! Having to describe my working process, to give advice and so on, was a real exercise to me and I will pass on the fact that had to explain to the team everything that I was about to say before the shooting and IN ENGLISH... And I am faaar from speaking fluent english you know, so I tried to make myself understandable with my little english and my own sign language and I think in the end it went all very well and we had a lot of fun ! (Btw, thank you guys ! I hope to see you soon in Barcelona..!)

 So I’ll leave you with the first 3 videos... The 4th is a DIY and I’ll make you an article with pictures and more surprises so be patient ! And please, be indulgent with my little voice and my search for words... («inspiration»...)


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