The world, Blogs and the money...

Hello my sweethearts,

 I would like to talk about a sore point (just a little) and I thought that discussing it could be a good way of starting 2013, and also I want to be honest with you. Last month I was lucky enough to appear in an article of «M du Monde», smartly written by the awesome Lili. The article talked about professional bloggers - without being critical - and about the role of blogs and how they are more and more important for the marketing of luxury, fashion and beauty brands. The article tries to define the different ways of earning money with a blog, like a new economic model.




 I started this blog almost a year ago. At first it was more like a hobby, I tested different things and little by little, driven by the desire to do better, nourished by the several images, I wanted to progress. But it meant a huge time investment, and a lot of work more than you can think of. However I don’t feel like a «professional» because I have a job, okay since recently I’m working as a free lance so the line between all my activities is blurry, and as I show you pretty much everything here (almost), the blog has become a work tool like an interactive portfolio.

But if tomorrow I have the opportunity to be free of all my contents, of the choice of my partner and to be paid to do it, I’d to it without the slightest hesitation. Is it bad to make a life out of what you love ? If I can still be honest and keep my editorial policy but also earn a living, even a good one. Today I have a lot of offers from different brands, and I say no to a lot of them, but when I feel like the project might worth it and I have the free rein to create without being a big ad, I do it. Lure of profit is not what drives my and quality will always take precedence over money, you can trust me on that. I’m well aware that thanks to you - who come here everyday more numerous - I have now acquired a sort of privileged status, and in less than a year. And that’s why I will not fool you by forcing you to buy or click or anything like that. As Mai says it very well in her article about the very same topic, if I do or did this kind of operation with some brands, I’ll always says it my mentioning a collaboration. I advise you to read Mai’s article by the way, she talks about it with a lot of delicacy.




I know that publicity is here, but I hope that after you read these lines you understand how I feel about it... And be sure that the DIYs, the recipes and the nonsensical sentences will always be the biggest part of Make My Lemonade... 

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