My kittens,

 And there is one! A Tutu Look that when I got out of my room with I was told «This is perfectly you...»: Polka dots + Maxi necklace (SO beautiful that it is to-die-for beautiful) + polka dots tights + flat derby shoes and a tutu... Pure Lemonade Essence.

Remember when I talked you through my way of doing maths with a tutu ? This time again - and I think it will be the case with every tutulooks (yes, that is a word now) - I will wear it with something you wouldn’t have think of, as always (we have a french word for that, we say «décaler»). In order to un-dramatize the fallen-ballerina kind of thing, it is better to have a great fun by mixing the codes instead of playing the tutu + flat ballerina shoes + wrap-over top + feather headband card (if you see what I mean...). Because the I-am-ridiculous-with-my-tutu-and-my-discus-thrower-calfs syndrome is not very faraway... Don’t get me wrong, I am certainly not saying that the ballet pupil total look isn’t charming BUT I think that if you’re more than 8 years old, it is important to revise your maths regarding your look...

 Tutuly yours,





Struggling against the wind slapping my face, I am wearing one of my favorite sheepskin and denim jacket from G-Star, a shirt from the association between H&M and Comme des garçons, the newborn of my jewelry collection a necklace from the very talented Galia, and a tutu from Love, tights from Gambettes Box and the killing Georgia Rose derby shoes (go see ‘em up close, they are so gorgeous!)

Love u, see ya tomorrow for a half pin-up girl/half biker look (no less) !

27 mars, 2013