Happy Monday kittens!

I hadn’t do special weeks in ages ! As a recompense I’m not making a theme week but a theme two weeks oh yeah, I know, I’m not into half-measures... I don’t really know why but my craziness about polka-dots is fading a little, not entirely though. But we can say it’s now into my DNA like a mutant gene, the Polka gene. And now my new obsession is about, I’m sure you’ve guessed, flowers. I don’t know if it will enter my DNA, but it is certainly trying. As soon as there is a flower on a fabric, I’m out of control, it started last Spring but I thought it was probably nothing, just a little thing in the mood of the times, except that we have to remember that we never saw Spring (what ? Me, nasty?). Still, I’m talking about flowers whereas we are in October because I want to give a good dose of colors, because colors are life, and my personal way of grasping this sad season with love and flowers!




You can find all of these images in full-size on my pinterest! Have a beautiful week my birdies.

07 octobre, 2013