Jumpsuit Anna Studio, Tshirt Yazbukey, jacket April May.

My chestnuts, my kitties, my butter biscuits, my birdies… 

Okay, I don’t know how many times I tried to write this articles… Last month, Make My Lemonade turned 2… And I think you realized my life is quite « out of control » lately… but TWO YEARS OLD !!! Do you realize how fast it went ? Two years in a infernal hurly-burly of love, hard work, amazing encounters, princesses’ trip, crazy collaborations, and a book… And soon more will come! 

Sometime, I think about my life before the blog and the person I was (and still am hopefully… But it’s undeniable that I’ve changed) and even though all this is just an URL address, a website within the immensity of the internet, well I’m fulfilled because you and me we found each other. You words truly get to me, they make me grow up, get confidence and they especially make me want to go further, to be a better person and to develop a bigger creativity every day. When I doubt, I look a few second back and I move forward, I don’t ask myself a 100 questions anymore and for that THANK YOU, and for the rest THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…



Dress Petit Bateau, Denim jacket Petit Bateau, Hat Etudes

So of course I have great ambitions for this website, crazy ideas, I feel like I say that every month but I think I’m getting there for real, with the arrival of an office in my life, a space for the « lemonade studio ». The blog’s new design will be here soon, very powerful with great goodies for you, a shop with some things and all… My, I am only love ! 

And to make things even better today, the Exception, the awesome e-shop, and I are associating to invite you to a POLKA PARTY for the 2 years anniversary of the blog, at Carmen, 34 rue Duperré, 75009, station Pigalle, on Wednesday 16th at 9 pm, which is actually next week ! Come as you are with polkadots or stripes… Subscribe ! And you’ll be spoiled because we are organizing a huge tombola, a great tombola even with about 30 presents, jewelries: Alice Hubert, Yazbukey, Anne Thomas, Adeline Cacheux, designers clothes like Ambrym, When I was, By Zoé, Nailmatic nail polish sets, a make-up class shu uemura, My jolie candle candles, Champagne Zarb, Tammy & Benjamin handbags, shoes and more ! Lots of surprises! Thank you to Régis & Maeva and to all their L’exception team to make it possible!



And these two years allowed me to have amazing encounters, on the top of my head I’m thinking about Mai from superbytimai, Fred from Cut by Fred, Lili from ma récréation, that’s for my personal squad. But there is also Nardjisse from mots de mode, my rock, who set me straight when I have a light moment of doubt… And Anne R., the sweetest and kindliest person there is and working with her is always so peaceful. And of course Charlotte S. Russo, who became vital to this small company… So is Tania Houlbert, amazing film-maker! And these aren’t encounters but I have to tell them how important they are to make my lemonade (and to me, on a side-note) my sweet mom my auto-correct, Mariloulou my brilliant translator, Alexandra B and Justice B… Because they know why… And to all the other bloggers I meet whenever I go out, even though I never stay late I’m always glad to see you, to exchange a few words and of course to have a great laugh. Small edit because of course I forget a lot of people, I’d like to thank Léo for its support and flawless professionalism even I can sometimes be totally annoying, it doesn’t mean I love you less… I’m so so sorry for this oversight.



Top Constance Boutet, pants JCDC and earrings Yazbukey

And thank you to Nelly from Make my beauty, to Tania for this short movie (god I love this song!!), to Manu Fauque for the pictures and gifs! and thank you again to Régis for being a super « gif-maker », to Maeva for that day’s soundtrack! THANK YOU!!!


10 avril, 2014