Hello everyone! Sending you a bit of color to brighten this gloomy day! I’ve been going through my blog archives over the past few weeks and I realised how much I missed posting colorful, pretty pictures, some kind of inspiration focused on a brand or for “Love”. You have no idea how much good it feels to come up with colorful stories. When I was younger and feeling down, no, I didn’t drown my sorrows in champagne... I would tell myself that I needed to create something lovely: embroidery, illustrations, or paint a wall some crazy color, etc... it was my inspiration... Transforming negative energy into something positive! The more the end product was what I had imagined, the better I felt and it made me proud. Today, things are a little different, because every day brings new challenges. I’ve often told you about them here. The stakes are different when you work as a team. You have to know how to communicate your ideas and get everyone excited about a group project!
I really want to do more projects like this this year. It’s refreshing (no pun intended). From the colorful mood board to figuring out how to layout colors, the different ways to cover the bottles, etc... So even if opportunities like this don’t come up that often, I’d like to make them myself: colorful photoshoots, bubbling with creativity! Charlotte, our “pinata queen”, worked hard on making all the little pieces- have you seen the little paper bits? Amazing! With Charlotte, the sky’s the limit... she’s not afraid of anything and is always ready for the wildest of paper challenges...
gif-veuve We’ve created 6 gifs for this Veuve Clicquot project, showing the bottles as they’re covered with the cute paper ‘outfits’. We don’t have a lot of photography equipment here at the office, not even a proper studio... so in order to make a nice gif that doesn’t have the lighting change all the time with varying daylight, we had to blackout the office and use a flash. If we had blackout curtains or black partitions, that would be great, but we have neither... so one December evening, we waited for everyone to leave the office and Simoné, Charlotte, and I worked together for the nocturnal photoshoot. It took a long, long time, but we had fun and I think that in all Lemonade hisory, we’ve never made gifs as neat and pretty as these! brassieres-eshop-08429
Side note: this brand of Champagne, ‘Veuve Clicquot’, has a lovely story since it’s about a ‘self-employed’ woman: Madame Clicquot, maiden name Ponsardin, in 1805. At the time, champagne was a sweet drink to go with dessert, but Madame Clicquot thought that champagne should be an alcohol that you can drink at any time of the meal and decreased the amount of sugar in her champagne, revolutionising how we consume and market the drink at the same time! Champagne as we know it today is all thanks to her... she became the first woman to direct a “house of champagne” and was one of the first modern business women... we love it!
Hugs and kisses, see you tomorrow for some sewing! Thank you, Charlotte, for your nimble fingers and to Simoné for the gifs <3. Translated by Whitney Bolin

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