I am wearing a pink velvet and liberty-lining teddy made with the Wear Lemonade pattern. Fabrics bought at Ma Petite Mercerie. Pictures by Pauline Darley.

Happy Friday my little kitties!

Thank you so much for welcoming our new collection this way! I will take some time this afternoon to answer to your questions but also disappointments about the lack of colors. Today, I am presenting you the Rosa teddy! Rosa is the perfect jacket you can wear below a coat that is going to pimp a "sad" outfit. You can find it in a grey gabardine version with little stars but also in pink satin (Grease style) on the eshop. You can also try to make your own version of the Rosa teddy thanks to the pattern but also the video down below!




I have to admit that it is a bit long to realize a teddy and you need to be confident for the lining step! I am not very good at lining but with Laure’s help it was so much easier! A reader told me: you’ll see, it is very addictive, you’ll want to sew lining everywhere after that! You can also stop just before but do not give up because it worth it!




We also took care about the remarks you posted for the previous launch about the shipping fees. If you live in France, we can announce you that you are now going to pay €3 for one pattern, €4 for two and €4.50 for three! Another modification we made is about the PDF pattern. We added the instruction booklet to the file that you can download in your Wear Lemonade client account for €2.99. All the PDF patterns are going to be updated in the next weeks!



All you have to know about the pattern:

  • You can buy the pattern in a nice packaging with an instruction booklet and a Wear Lemonade tag here for €14.90.
  • You can download the PDF version for €2.99. The price changed because the instruction booklet is now included in the file! You can print it in A4 or US letter format.
  • The degree of difficulty is: “It is going to be tough” but it depends on your courage because only the lining can be complicated but it is not mandatory to sew it.
  • You will need 1.70m of fabric to sew Rosa in a 1.45m width. Do not use a too stretchy fabric. Velvet, flannel, thin woolen fabrics or jacquard can be nice. For the lining, you will need 1.50m of fabric. We advise you to take a printed cotton poplin (so that you will recognize both sides) for the beginners.
  • You will also need 0.50m of medium bonding tape for the neckline, cuffs and belt, 6 snap fasteners or buttons and some elastic (3cm width).
  • As a reminder, the seam allowance is included in all the Wear Lemonade patterns (= 1cm).
  • If you need any help or if you have some questions, do not hesitate to send a message to Laure at




As a bonus, one of you is going to find a golden ticket in her/his pattern! You will have the possibility to win a €300 voucher on the Ma Petite Mercerie website! You can even find some sewing machines there…!


Translated by Coralie Clair
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30 octobre, 2015